Prince Charles will become ‘more popular’ once Queen Elizabeth II steps down

Prince Charles
Návštěva prince Charlese v Hostětíně

Prince Charles suffered a massive drop in popularity since early this year, as per a recent poll conducted by YouGov.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzgerald believes that Prince Charles’ seven-point drop is surprising.

It has been shocking because the Prince of Wales contracted the coronavirus and fought it off. He has also been more visible since Queen Elizabeth II has given him and Prince William more responsibilities.

Though the 62-year-old heir still has a net positive rating of 24, with 59% of the population having a favorable opinion of him and 35% a negative opinion, it has fallen more in the past few months.

However, Fitzwilliams believes that the Prince’s popularity will grow once he becomes the British monarchy head.

He told Express, “Because he’s been in this role for longer than any other person in our history.”

Fitzwilliams also said that once Prince Charles becomes king, he will be sticking to the things he’s only allowed to do constitutionally. This meant he could only advise, encourage, and warn the Prime Minister.

“Of course, his style is different from his mother’s, but essentially the role is the same.”

Why his popularity went down

Even Fitzwilliams doesn’t understand why Prince Charles’ popularity has gone down in 2020.

He beat COVID-19, deputized for the Queen, and made his mark in charity and advocacy work.

For instance, the Princes’ Trust helped its first millionth person this year, which is a massive achievement.

But Fitzwilliams suggested that perhaps it’s merely his age and the fact that’ he’s still not the king. Nowadays, maybe people prefer young and exciting leaders such as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

“It’s very much the case, probably. That he’s near 72, and when someone has been in that position, it’s very easy to take what they do for granted.”

The Queen is abdicating

Prince Charles is said to be on the verge of becoming king.

Royal biographer Robert Jobson believes that Queen Elizabeth II could abdicate the throne and finally give her son the power.

Jobson believes that Her Majesty will end her record-breaking reign once she turns 95 next year.

She would continue to celebrate her birthday on April 21 and mark it with Trooping of the Colour service in June.

Though the 94-year-old monarch would have second thoughts in handing over the prestigious honor to her son, it would still make sense because she has already given him additional responsibilities.

“But realistically, she will get to a point where she has handed over everything to Charles, and then how do you look your son in the eye and tell him he is not going to be King?”

At the age of three, Prince Charles became the heir apparent to the throne. His mom ascended on Feb. 5, 1952.

Image courtesy of Michal Stránský/Wikimedia Commons

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