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Prince Charles has the most ‘outrageous’ demands, sources claimed


Former royal aides nicknamed Prince Charles as the “Pampered Prince.”

Prince Charles will, one day, become the head of the British Monarchy. As Queen Elizabeth’s direct heir, he holds several authorities and power inside the Firm, especially his royal residences.

It only makes sense that he has some demands when it comes to his lifestyle. However, sources said that he has the “most outrageous” requests, even when it comes to food choices, according to Cheat Sheet.

Making themselves feel at home through food

Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, usually go on official trips and travels across the globe. The publication stated that the royal couple tries to make themselves feel “at home” during these trips through their food choices.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, former royal chef Carolyn Robb revealed that the Prince of Wales liked to bring his “own” food with him. She said that the royal would always have his “cool boxes” of Highgrove produce shipped from the farm to their destinations.

Another former royal chef echoed Robb’s revelations. In the documentary, Secrets of the Royal Kitchen, Graham Newbould claimed that the royal-born Prince would ensure to have his “breakfast box” with him during travels. He, later on, added that the box would include the future King’s “six different types of honey,” dried fruits, and special mueslis.

Prince Charles sends food notes to hosts

Prince Charles, and even Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, send their host notes and letters, informing about their food requests when attending state banquets and dinners outside the United Kingdom. Sources told reports that the Prince of Wales has always done this.

Meanwhile, his wife just recently learned about it. But, she now does the same thing when attending dinner and banquet engagements.

Aside from food, the Cornwall couple also, once, had their staffers send their “entire bedroom set” to a host’s home where they stayed. Investigative journalist Tom Bower stated that the Prince of Wales sent a truck to the property to bring their pieces of furniture ahead of their arrival.

The “Pampered Prince”

In his book, Not In Front of the Corgis: Secrets of Life Behind the Royal Curtains, Brian Hoey revealed several things about the future King’s other “outrageous demands.” The Daily Express unearthed that the royal has “specific orders” for his royal aides not only over the things he wears but, also over his bedroom and bathroom needs.

Some examples include the need to iron his shoelaces and manually hand-washing every piece of clothes. Other royal correspondents had similar claims about the shocking demands of Prince Charles. Some even claimed that the future King had done nothing for himself, even undressing himself would be done by his staff.

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