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Prince Charles, Prince William unfit to be next heads of state, Brits say


The Brits are, reportedly, hesitant about Prince Charles and Prince William becoming the UK’s head of state in the next few years.

The British people are, reportedly, hoping there was an option to vote the next King, whether it is Prince Charles or Prince William, or other people.

Graham Smith, CEO of Republic, spoke to The UK Express, and said, “I think we need to move away from people sitting back as spectators being told who their head of state is going to be.”

Republic is an organization that wants the British monarchy to be abolished. Republic believes the next head of the UK should be elected into the position and not from someone in the royal family.

Graham revealed that nobody wants either of the two from the father-son duo to fill in the highest position in England.

“For years, there has been polling saying that there is no majority in favor of either Charles, or William, or other royals succeeding the Queen.”

“Clearly, there is a division of opinion, and if you want to have a choice of who it is going to be, you cannot just pick between two royals,” Graham added.

Bye monarchy?

Graham believes that now is the time to “scrap” the entire royal family and let the Brits vote. They are exhausted from “being told we will be spectators” as Prince Charles takes the throne.

He also raised some significant concerns once the Prince of Wales succeeds his mom, Queen Elizabeth II, King.

“He is also much easier to challenge and criticize. The problem with his is that he cannot help himself when it comes to interfering with politics,” Graham stated.

Because of their lack of trust with the 61-year-old future King, Republic even made a documentary film titled, “The Man Who Shouldn’t Be King.”

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles millions

According to Graham, thanks to Her Majesty, the monarchy strives.

Graham ordered the two most expensive royal family members to pay back the millions they, reportedly, took from taxpayers amid the fury over how much the monarchy costs.

Aside from the $26 million he takes annually from the Duchy of Cornwall, Prince Charles has also been getting paid by the government. This includes his travel and security.

Graham assumed that the 94-year-old monarch would be more expensive because she’s the head of state. Queen Elizabeth II is said to be spending about $470 million annually.

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