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Prince Charles, Princess Diana’s first impressions of each other revealed


Princess Diana first met Prince Charles when he was seeing her sister, Lady Sarah Spencer.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s relationship remains a trendy topic among the public. Decades after their divorce, the media still places its attention on the failed marriage of the royal couple.

It is not surprising, though, considering that they once became the most popular pair in history. The majority even deemed their romantic ties as a dream and fairytale come true.

Cheat Sheet recently recalled what happened during the Wales couple’s first meeting. The report also tackled their respective first impressions of one another.

Princess Diana’s first impression of Prince Charles

The publication said that Princess Diana first met Prince Charles in 1977. During that time, he was seeing her sister, Lady Sarah Spencer.

She was 16 years old when she first saw the royal-born Prince in their family’s home in Althorp. She recalled the events and recorded it in her infamous secret tapes, which, later on, became the basis of Andrew Morton’s Diana: In Her Own Words.

The Princess of Wales said that the Heir Apparent came to Althorp with his Labrador, Harvey. She remembered that her sister was “all over him like a bad rash.”

Upon seeing the two, she thought that the Prince must have “really hated” it. Nevertheless, she reportedly kept out their way and went on to do her own thing.

What he thought of his future wife

Years after their first meeting, Prince Charles shared his thoughts about Princess Diana with the public. The Daily Express reported that he saw the young Diana Spencer as a “very jolly and amusing” person.

Amid sharing his first impressions on the Princess of Wales, she also revealed what she thought of the royal-born Prince. She said that she found him “pretty amazing.”

The second meeting in Sussex

Prince Charles and Princess Diana did not meet again after their first encounter until two years later. The two royals crossed paths again after they attended a party with some friends in Sussex.

The Princess of Wales revealed what happened that night through her secret tapes. She said that the royal-born Prince was “all over” her.

The late royal also recalled their conversations during the party. She claimed that they talked about the late Lord Mountbatten, as well as the Prince of Wales’ ex-girlfriend.

She then unveiled that the future King started kissing her amid their conversations. Diana said, as well, that Prince Charles followed her “like a puppy” for the rest of the evening.

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