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Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana without a ring


Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana after meeting her a few times.

Royal engagements and weddings have remained as some of the special events that many people look after. However, it came as a shocking thing when royal fans learned what happened during Princess Diana’s engagement to Prince Charles.

Several individuals thought that everything was well between the then-royal couple. Some even described the union as a fairytale, considering that Diana was a commoner.

Years later, though, the public discovered the truth behind the pair’s relationship. The Princess of Wales even exposed what truly happened when the Prince of Wales proposed to her. As stated, he did not have any ring nor any romantic gesture, according to Cheat Sheet.

Princess Diana thought it was a joke

Princess Diana told Andrew Morton the story of Prince Charles’ wedding proposal. In her words, the royal-born Prince began by asking if she would marry him.

The late royal stated that she laughed when he asked her this. She thought it was a joke, so she responded with a quick “OK.” But, to her surprise, the Heir Apparent was “deadly serious.” He even reportedly told her that she would be a queen one day.

After realizing that her partner was serious with his proposal, she said yes, adding that she loves him “so much.” However, the future King allegedly replied with “whatever love means.”

Prince Charles let her choose an engagement ring

Prince Charles did not pop the question with an engagement ring. Instead, he let her pick from a selection of bands, according to Marie Claire.

Princess Diana had several options, but she chose the 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire ring. It features 14 solitaire diamonds in a marguerite design. As for the band, it is 18-karat white gold.

Some reports speculated that the Princess of Wales chose this ring because it was the biggest. Others, however, believed that it was her preference mainly because it matched her eyes.

Prince William proposed with her mother’s ring

Following the Wales couple’s divorce, Princess Diana returned the band to Prince Charles. The Diamond Store reported that they stored it inside Kensington Palace.

After the princess’s tragic death, though, the Prince of Wales let his two sons choose a “memento” from their mother’s possessions. It was Prince Harry who originally chose the engagement ring.

The Duke of Sussex decided to exchange mementos with his brother, though, upon learning about Prince William’s plans to propose to Kate Middleton. Sources claimed that Prince Charles’ youngest son thought of the Duchess of Cambridge as his sister, and he wanted her to have the Princess of Wales’ engagement ring.

Featured image courtesy of The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

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