Prince Charles ‘sad’ during Prince Philip hospital visit: Report

Prince Charles looked 'sad' during Prince Philip hospital visit: Report

Prince Philip got a visit from Prince Charles at the King Edward VII Hospital on Saturday.

Prince Charles recently made a public appearance in London. However, it was not an engagement with the mass as he went to visit Prince Philip in the hospital.

Following the visit, several speculations have since emerged. Cheat Sheet reported that sadness was reportedly apparent in the Prince of Wales amid the outing.

Was Prince Charles sad during the visit?

The news first reached the public from Hollywood Life on the same day. The reports accompanied a clip featuring Prince Charles entering the premises of the King Edward VII Hospital through the rear entrance.

The publication said that the royal-born Prince had a “forlorn expression,” adding that he even “looked tearful afterward.” While the assertions continue to develop, no one could really tell if this was true.

Based on the video, the Prince of Wales wore a face mask during the outing. But, the reports noted that he appeared to be “determined” to see his elderly father, considering that he had not seen the Duke of Edinburgh since before Christmas due to COVID-19.


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Criticisms toward the Prince of Wales

The visit on Saturday sparked several discussions among the public. Prince Charles’ appearance even reportedly caused an alarm, insinuating that his visitation meant an unprecedented move. As claimed, the hospital does not allow visitations in recent times unless it was necessary.

Apart from the heightened worries, the Prince of Wales also received many criticisms from some royal fans and followers. However, the Daily Express said that television personality Piers Morgan recently slammed all the critics in a recent episode of ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

He said that all “those spewing abuse” at the future King of the United Kingdom should “just shut up.” He even said that the “viciousness” of the abuse in their most difficult moments “defies belief.”

Prince Philip’s recent hospitalization

King Edward VII Hospital admitted Prince Philip into their facility on February 16. Reports explained that he went there following the supervision of his physician.

It is worth noting, though, that his health concerns do not have links with the deadly coronavirus. Some publications also emphasized that he and Queen Elizabeth received their COVID-19 vaccine shots.

The Duke of Edinburgh has since remained in the hospital for “observation and rest.” A spokesperson for Buckingham Palace, later on, explained that the royal’s doctor is “acting with an abundance of caution,” but the Prince Consort has since maintained his place in “good spirits.”

As the talks about his health persist, sources said that Prince Charles’ firstborn son recently gave an update about Prince Philip’s situation. Prince William told royal photographer Arthur Edwards that his grandfather is “ok,” and the doctors are “keeping an eye on him.”


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