Prince Charles secretly battling dementia, going senile: Rumor

Prince Charles is not fit to become king

The palace, allegedly, fears that Prince Charles is starting to become senile.

According to National Enquirer, one of the obvious signs that Prince Charles isn’t well is because he talks to his plants.

A source told the tabloid that the heir to the throne has also been telling his loved ones that he hears dead people.

“He even got a Quija board to contact his long-dead uncle Earl Mountbatten. But most worrying is his memory loss. Charles gets more forgetful by the day. His wife, Camilla, and personal valets have to remind him about everything, and they have to watch him constantly or he wanders off,” the source said.

Prince Charles is not fit to become king

Prince Charles is not fit to become king

With this, the tabloid insisted that the dad of two shouldn’t be crowned as king. After all, he’s not allegedly suited for the top job.

Other than Prince Charles’ alleged mental illness, the tabloid also insisted that Prince Charles is a controlling autocrat who only wants to get his way.

“It proves that he is not fit to take the crown and psychological and behavioral experts warn having Charles in charge will spell the end of the monarchy. When the report is presented to Her Majesty, she’ll have no choice but to bypass Charles in favor of his son, Prince William,” the source said.

Prince Charles to blame for Princess Diana’s demise

Meanwhile, the tabloid also claimed that Prince Charles is to blame for Princess Diana’s death.

An alleged file that will be handed to Queen Elizabeth will reveal the future king’s connection to his ex-wife’s death.

“The finger of guilt keeps pointing to Charles’ role in a murder plot and a cover-up. The file also includes sinister evidence someone had wanted to silence Diana for years,” the source said.

More rumors about the future king

Additionally, there are also rumors surrounding Prince William and Prince Harry’s dad’s personal life. And there are allegations that Prince Charles has had relationships with both men and women.

“His former valet, George Smith claimed he saw Charles and his most trusted aide, Michael Fawcett in bed together – a charge Charles denied. George died under mysterious circumstances in 2005. The report probes several rumors, including Charles bedding a young stable hand at his country home, Highgrove. The stunning conclusion is clear: Charles is unfit to lead the country,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt. It is evident that all the allegations are unfounded.

And all this shows that the tabloid is simply attacking Prince Charles without providing concrete proof regarding his alleged actions.

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