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Prince Charles stopped answering Harry’s call because he keeps asking for money: Rumor


Prince Harry recently revealed that Prince Charles stopped taking his calls shortly after he and Meghan Markle moved to North America.

Now, Woman’s Day is claiming to know the real reason why Prince Charles stopped answering his youngest son’s calls.

A source said that the heir to the throne became fed up with Prince Harry constantly asking for money from him.

“It is rather stunning that Harry cried poor and blamed his dad when he’s a grown man with huge trust funds from the late Princess Diana and Queen Mother. That might be what he’s going public, but the truth is this runs far deeper than squabbling over money,” the source said.

Prince Harry still blames Prince Charles for his mom’s death

The insider said that Prince Charles and Prince Harry’s relationship has always been rocky since the passing of Princess Diana.

In fact, the Duke of Sussex never, allegedly, came to terms with losing the Princess of Wales because of how his dad treated her when she was still alive.

Prince Charles, Prince Harry not related

Markle’s husband still hasn’t also gotten over the rumors that he might not be related to his dad because he looks more like James Hewitt.

“His relationship with Charles has suffered as a result, especially with Meghan egging on the drama. There was a time when he was able to push those painful memories aside, but when Meghan came along, he was forced to relive the trauma. Once the excitement of the wedding was out of the way, things between the Sussexes and the Prince of Wales began to sour,” the source said.

The father and son criticized

The tabloid then noted Kelly Slater’s slight dig at Prince Harry for, allegedly, not being biologically related to the future king of Britain.

“I’d be mad too if I was James Hewitt’s unacknowledged illegitimate kid, got essentially kidnapped and held hostage by the royal family, was forced to pretend that boring, square Prince Charles was my dad for all those years, then they cut off my trust fund and disapproved of my hot American wife cause it didn’t fit into their ongoing breeding program,” he said.

However, even though there are tensions between Prince Charles and Prince Harry, there is no truth to the claims that they are not related.

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