Prince Charles suffers before taking over Queen’s special project

Prince Charles

Prince Charles will, reportedly, experience difficulties once he takes over the Commonwealth, a director predicted.

The director of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies shared their thoughts about Prince Charles and his capacity.

Before his succession to the throne, Prince Charles already faced difficulties while waiting for his turn. However, he failed to use his time to learn more about the monarchy that he would, allegedly, have a hard time soon.

In an interview with Express UK, Professor Philip Murphy said that the Prince of Wales would find it hard to fit in the monarch’s shoes. Per Professor Murphy, Queen Elizabeth II dedicated her life to the Commonwealth by establishing good relationships with everyone.

The current monarch also completed engagements and meetings which heightened people’s expectations.

Although Prince Charles is also ambitious, he has been, reportedly, putting his attention and focus elsewhere.

“It’s been a difficult position for Prince Charles to be in because the Commonwealth is very much the Queen’s pet project internationally,” he said. “And over the previous decades, when Charles has tried to find a role for himself, he’s had to look at other areas.”

Instead of helping the Queen, the heir to the throne focused on ecological issues and architecture. These things are far from what Her Majesty has been doing for the Commonwealth.

According to Professor Murphy, Prince Charles will get the role soon. Still, he will need to maintain the link Queen Elizabeth II established between the monarchy and Commonwealth.

Prince of Wales already taking on prominent roles in Commonwealth

Despite not having the same dedication as the queen, the heir to the throne already marked out his territory.

Since 2013, the Prince of Wales already began doing a prominent role in the Commonwealth. He usually sits beside Queen Elizabeth II especially after Prince Philip retired.

Meanwhile, due to the Commonwealth’s admiration for the Queen, it successfully outshined Prince Harry and Meghan’s issues.

For what it’s worth, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared in several interviews that damaged the monarchy. Their conversation with Oprah Winfrey served as the most recent and most damaging yet.

Amid these things, Professor Murphy assured that Her Majesty did so much that the issues are always unnoticed.

“I think it’s unlikely that it will have done any sort of long term damage, and I think it’s played much more strongly in the United States and particularly the issues around race,” he went on.

Fortunately, Queen Elizabeth II managed to avoid accusations of racism, unlike other royals.

Featured image courtesy of Office of the Governor-General, CC BY 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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