Prince Charles ‘teared up’ about Prince William’s Kingship

Prince Charles 'Teared Up' About Prince William's Kingship

Before Prince William takes over the throne, Prince Charles will first become the head of the British Monarchy.

Prince Charles stands as the next person to Queen Elizabeth in the royal line of succession. When the Queen passes away or chooses to abdicate, he will automatically take over the British Throne.

After him, his eldest son will take over his place. As the second person in the line of succession, Prince William will also become a King one day.

However, it seemingly appears that the Prince of Wales is not yet ready for this scenario. When an interviewer asked him about it, he “teared up,” according to Cheat Sheet.

How Prince Charles “teared up”

A 2019 documentary series titled, Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall, featured the Prince of Wales and his latest movements inside the British Monarchy. Via ITV, the material takes on the British Royal’s “private domain,” the Duchy of Cornwall as the set obtained “privileged access” to him.

Amid the interview, the host asked him about Prince William’s future role as King of the British Monarchy, adding that he will also inherit his father’s duchy upon ascension. The Heir Apparent quickly responded that the notion of his son, becoming the head, “reduced” him to tears.

Why Prince William’s role reduced him to tears

Prince Charles did not detail the reason behind his tears. But, reports tried to tackle the possible causes of his emotions.

As the reigning monarch of the British Royal Family, the role entails a “great deal of responsibility.” This will reportedly come with sacrifices, such as giving up privacy and other ambitions outside the monarchy.

In the case of Prince William, the publication said that he has always wanted to become an ambulance pilot. However, he can no longer pursue this dream because of his position inside the British Monarchy. This may be one of the reasons as he knows the struggles of having responsibilities the moment he was born.

Prince William did not want to become King

Another possible reason behind Prince Charles’ tears is the notion about Prince William not wanting to become the head of the British Monarchy. When he was young, he reportedly “confided” to the late Princess Diana that he had no desire to become King.

The revelations came after journalist Jeremy Paxman had an alleged conversation with the late princess back in the day. He told the Daily Mirror that he and Prince Charles’ former wife talked about their kids, adding that she revealed to him about what the young Duke of Cambridge said regarding his future role.

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