Prince Charles transforms stadium into UK’s second-largest COVID-19 field hospital

Prince Charles had recently announced in a video message, the opening of the Dragon’s Heart Hospital in Cardiff, Wales. In support of the NHS response to coronavirus pandemic, 2,000 beds are set to arrive. 

The Dragon’s Heart Hospital is located in Principality Stadium which is usually used to host rugby activities. To top it off, the Dragon’s Heart Hospital is the largest in Wales and the second-largest treatment centre in the UK.

There are already 330 beds in place, however, the hospital has yet to welcome its first patient. 

The hospital functions as a post-treatment centre for COVID-19 patients

UK’s fight against COVID-19 remains to be the government’s priority amid the shortage of medical supplies, lack of treatment facilities, the volume of infected individuals and the absence of a vaccine. 

The conversion of the stadium to a field hospital appears to be the needed solution to combat the increased numbers of fatality and flatten the curve of confirmed cases. 

The Dragon’s Heart Hospital will function as a post-treatment facility for patients recovering from the infection who needs support and rehabilitation. At the same time, the temporary facility will also provide end of life palliative care. 

Additional care facility includes mobile x-ray and CT scanners to provide patients with the utmost monitoring during their recovery process. Moreover, care for patients who are nearing the end of their lives will also be available in the facility.

The hospital also looks after its healthcare workers as it transforms the Cardiff Blues Stadium into a rest area. Family members and visitors of the patients will be accommodated in the reception area.

Prince Charles honored the frontliners in his speech

The Prince of Wales had shared his gratitude to the frontliners and everyone who has worked so hard to combat the pandemic. In his inspirational speech,  Prince Charles asserted that the sacrifices and hard work of the public and health workers will not be forgotten. 

The courage of the frontliners and responders amid the pandemic has greatly impacted how the UK is dealing with the infection. A lot of health professionals have lost their lives in fighting against the disease. 

Prince Charles has fully recovered from COVID-19

It can be recalled that Prince Charles had tested positive for COVID-19 last month, and had to step down from his royal duties for a full recovery. In his absence,  his eldest son, Prince William had assumed the royal duties together with his wife, Duchess Kate.

The 71-year old royal heir is now in good health and is staying with his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in their Scottish home in Balmoral Estate.

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Image Courtesy of The Royal Family Channel/Youtube Screenshot

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