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Does Prince Charles visit Princess Diana’s grave in Northampton?


Prince Charles and Princess Diana officially divorced each other a year before her death.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana tied the knot in the early 80s. While many thought that their union was perfect, the relationship became a controversial one. Their marriage did not work and even had a tragic ending.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s divorce

Years after the official separation, Princess Diana continued to live the royal life. She also remained committed to her charities and movements within those years.

In 1996, however, the couple decided to divorce each other. Many reports stated that it was Queen Elizabeth who ordered them to do so, following all the controversies that had surrounded them.

After the divorce, they went on to live their lives with other partners. For Prince Charles, he seemingly continued his relationship with Camilla Parker Bowles, now the Duchess of Cornwall. Meanwhile, the Princess of Wales had a relationship or two before meeting her demise.

Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997

In August 1997, Princess Diana and her partner, Dodi Fayed, flew to France for a trip. Cheat Sheet reported that they stayed at the Ritz Hotel.

After midnight on August 31, they left the hotel, alongside the driver, Henri Paul, who was the head of security at the Ritz. Along the road, a group pf paparazzi reportedly followed them. As Paul tried to lose the tail, they ended up crashing into a pillar of the Pont de l’Alma tunnel.

The crash “instantly” killed Paul and Fayed. Meanwhile, Prince Charles’ former wife reached the hospital but ended up dying due to severe injuries.

The Princess of Wales’ grave

The family laid Princess Diana to rest at the Althorp Estate in Northampton, according to Town & Country. This is where the Spencer family has continued to stay for centuries.

The exact location of her grave is reportedly at the small island in the middle of the Round Oval. Unfortunately, the location is “off-limits” to the public. Nevertheless, reports said that people could pay their respects at a memorial site, which is on the grounds.

Has the Prince of Wales visited the grave?

For years, many have continued to wonder whether Prince Charles ever visited the grave again. Several publications said that no one can know for sure as the British Royals have always remained silent about their personal lives.

In 2001, however, Princess Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, “launched an astonishing attack” to the Prince of Wales for not visiting his sister’s grave, according to the Daily Mail. He said that Princess Diana’s former husband has an open invitation but has yet to take it up.

Following the allegations, a spokeswoman for Prince Charles reportedly released a statement, clarifying that this kind of matter is “personal and private” for him. So, until the Prince of Wales reveals that he has, no one knows if he has gone to the grave again.

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