Prince George will inherit this Estate from Prince Charles, not Prince William

Prince George Will Inherit This Estate From Prince Charles, Not Prince William

Prince George is currently the third person in line to the British Throne.

Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their firstborn, Prince George, two years after their wedding. As the eldest son of the Cambridges, he stands as a direct heir of Queen Elizabeth. In the future, he will also become a King of the United Kingdom.

The eldest Cambridge Prince just turned seven in July. Despite his young age, many royal experts believe that he will soon inherit several estates and peerages from his grandfather, Prince Charles.

Prince George will likely receive his first estate when he turns 18

Instead of Prince William and Prince Harry, Prince George will likely receive the Highgrove House from the Prince of Wales. Speaking to the Daily Express, royal commentator Christopher Wilson asserted that the Gloucestershire property would “inevitably” become “surplus to the requirement.”

He continued that neither of Prince Charles’ sons will want to live in the estate. Wilson argued that both the Dukes of Cambridge and Sussex had no “fond memories” of the property. They watched their parents’ marriage “collapse” in it, he added.

The royal commentator also pointed out that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now no longer working royals. With their new home in the United States, it is unlikely that they will return to the British Royals’ turf and live in Gloucestershire.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s home

Prince Charles bought the property decades before Prince George arrived in the royal scene. This happened a year before his wedding to the late Princess Diana.

Following their union in 1981, they relocated to Highgrove House. They lived in the Gloucestershire property for years, alongside their two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Reports said that the royal residence features nine bedrooms, six bathrooms, and “beautiful gardens.” It also boasts its surrounding 900-acre organic land, which makes total sense why the Prince of Wales purchased the property.

The future King also installed a farm in the estate during its first renovation. He even leased the organic land, where he has continued to farm.

Talks about the property’s ownership

The discussions about Prince George’s inheritance of the Highgrove House comes after the news revealed that Prince Charles would no longer renew the lease of the organic land. Earlier in August, BBC reported that he could no longer commit to another two decades of the lease.

Several royal experts speculated that he might be preparing already for his next role as the King of the United Kingdom. This is why many have also since concluded that Prince George will take over the property when he comes of age.

Featured image courtesy of Daily News/YouTube

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