Prince George wrote a letter to Harry with Prince William, Kate Middleton’s help: Rumor

Prince George wrote a letter to Harry with Prince William, Kate Middleton's help: Rumor

Prince George, allegedly, misses his uncle Harry so much that he decided to write him a letter.

According to Woman’s Day, Prince George is becoming more aware of what’s happening with the royal family. And he also realized that he hasn’t seen Prince Harry in a long time.

“George has been really affected by Harry’s departure and while he’s only just 8, he’s incredibly perceptive and has seen how upset his dad has been by losing his brother,” the source said.

Prince George drew pictures for Lilibet, Archie

As such, the young royal, allegedly, decided to reach out to Prince Harry via a letter. And Prince William and Kate Middleton helped him out.

“William and Kate didn’t want to stop him and even helped him pen the letter, which he wrote beautifully, telling his uncle Harry how much he wanted to meet his new cousin Lilibet. He even drew some pictures for Lilibet and Archie, which brought a tear to William’s eye,” the source said.

Rumors debunked

However, one should take the tabloid’s claims with a grain of salt.

It’s unlikely for Prince George to be aware of what’s happening between his dad and uncle because Prince William and Middleton are very protective of their children.

In fact, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge opted to wait before telling Prince George that he’s the future king of Britain.

So, it’s unlikely for Prince William and Middleton to involve their eldest son in their issues with the Sussexes.

Prince William, Kate Middleton parenting style

Prince William, Kate Middleton parenting style

But according to Us Weekly, the Cambridges are also quite modern when it comes to their parenting style. This means that the royal couple allows their kids to express their emotions and ask questions.

And if Prince George really wrote a letter to his uncle, it’s impossible that only one tabloid will be reporting about it.

Prince George birthday

Meanwhile, Prince George also made headlines recently after he celebrated his 8th birthday.

For the occasion, Prince William and Middleton shared a photo of the young royal that was taken by his mom.

In the snap, Prince George is sitting on a blue Land Rover, which is, reportedly, a tribute to his late great-grandfather, Prince Philip.

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