Prince Harry acknowledged Kate Middleton’s ‘killer legs’ but ex deleted it?


Prince Harry wanted to mention Kate Middleton’s “killer legs” in his best man’s speech, but his ex-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, deleted it.

Prince Harry was very close to his older brother Prince William. In fact, when he started dating Kate Middleton, he was their third wheel. He wanted his speech to reflect their close bond through his speech.

Prince Harry said Kate Middleton has “killer legs”

Prince Harry served as Prince William’s best man when he tied the knot with Kate Middleton in 2011.

The Duke of Sussex prepared a cheeky best man speech and had his then-girlfriend Chelsy Davy helped him edit it out. However, she deleted one line.

“She had helped Harry edit the best man’s speech, sensitively advising him to take out a line about Kate’s ‘killer legs’ that might have embarrassed the bride,” royal biographer Katie Nicholl wrote on  Harry: Life, Loss, and Love.

“The speech was peppered with Harry’s classic sense of humour, and he ribbed his brother,” Nicholl added.

The royal expert was referring to a statement when the Duke of Sussex said his brother didn’t have a romantic bone. So, he was sure it was serious when the Duke of Cambridge started cooing down the phone at Middleton.


Prince Harry and Chelsy

The royal expert added that there was a shy smile on Davy’s face when he read that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s decade romance was his inspiration. Meanwhile, Prince Harry touched the bride because Middleton shed a tear.

However, Prince Harry and Davy’s romance did not work out. According to reports, she couldn’t take the excessive media attention she received for dating a royal.

“It was so full-on. Crazy and scary and uncomfortable. I found it very difficult when it was bad,” Davy told The Times about the time she was dating the royal.

Harry met and married Meghan Markle

Prince Harry met Meghan Markle in 2016 and they hit it off immediately. They announced their engagement in 2017 and exchanged “I do’s” in 2018.

Many believed Markle had no issues with excessive media attention because she was a former actress. Several even praised her because she was his only girlfriend who seemed not to mind the press.

However, according to royal expert Katie Nicholl, Markle also struggled. Her pain was evident in an interview following their trip to South Africa.

“It became very apparent from that documentary in Africa, that perhaps while she made it look easy, it obviously wasn’t easy,” Nicholl said about the Duchess of Sussex.

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