Prince Harry admitted ‘happiest’ when far away from home?

Prince Harry admitted 'happiest' when far away from home?

Prince Harry left the royal life earlier this year.

British Royals knew from the beginning what their roles are. For Prince Harry, though, he seemingly does not want to follow the footsteps of his parents and grandparents.

Cheat Sheet recalled the time when he said that being far away from home is the “happiest” time of his life. As noted, the Duke of Sussex shared these statements in an interview with journalist Angela Levin back in 2017.

Aside from discussing his “partying ways” during his younger years, the royal also talked about his time in the military. He even reportedly shared that he “wanted out” from the British Royal Family.

Prince Harry reveals the truth

The Daily Mail released a brief report of what happened between Prince Harry and Angela Levin during the interview. Based on the journalist’s revelations, the Duke of Sussex told her that his time in the army became one of the “happiest” times of his life.

He reportedly explained the reason behind this notion. The royal said that he felt “accepted” as someone other than a member of the British Royal Family.

Levin continued that the royal-born Prince did not feel that he is “the Prince Harry.” In the army, he was only “Captain Wales,” adding that he loved his time in Afghanistan.


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He “wanted out” of the British Royal Family

Prince Harry also admitted at that time that he once wanted to be “out” of the royal life. He reportedly considered turning back on his privileges as a royal-born Prince to live an “ordinary life.”

The Duke of Sussex then said that being in the army was his “best escape.” He seemingly felt that he was “achieving something.”

However, he had to leave Afghanistan ten weeks after his arrival. Reports said that leaks reached the media, and this allowed the public to know his exact position. Accordingly, it became “too dangerous” for him, as well as the rest of the soldiers who were with him.

He officially left the royal life in 2020

Following his stint in Afghanistan, Prince Harry continued to work on his role as a senior working royal. For years, he served the British Monarchy until earlier this year when he and his wife, Meghan Markle, decided to quit the royal life.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex started serving the Crown in 2018. Two years later, however, they expressed their desire to become “financially independent” living outside the United Kingdom.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle officially left their posts on March 31. They have since relocated to the United States, alongside their firstborn son, Archie Harrison.


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