Prince Harry allegedly snubbed Meghan Markle’s advice during Diana’s statue unveiling

Prince Harry allegedly snubbed Meghan Markle's advice during Diana's statue unveiling

Prince Harry allegedly snubbed his wife, Meghan Markle’s advice, when he joined Prince William at the unveiling of their mom Princess Diana’s statue last week.

Prince Harry flew back to the U.K. last month to join his older brother, Prince William, at the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue. The pair had a friendly reunion with many believing that they are heading for reconciliation amid their rumored rift. But one outlet claimed that the Duke of Sussex did not listen to his wife Meghan Markle’s advice.

Prince Harry allegedly snubbed Meghan’s advice

Prince Harry made a switch in his wardrobe after marrying Meghan Markle. According to The News, he has been wearing a grey suit during most of his royal appearances after he tied the knot with the previous Suits star.

However, he wore a navy suit when he joined Prince William at the event for their mom. The royal siblings reunited at Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden for the unveiling of their mom’s statue on what would have been her 60th birthday.

Royal expert Richard Eden believed it was Markle who suggested her husband looked good in gray. But Prince Harry coordinated with Prince William and went for a navy suit for his mom.

“You might have noticed they were both wearing navy suits and Harry has been stuck to his grey suit ever since he met Meghan,” Eden told Palace Confidential on Mail.

“I think she suggested, ‘you look good in grey’ and he’s always worn it but on this occasion he wore navy. That was Diana’s favourite suit for a man, it was navy.”

He also noted how Prince Charles wore a navy suit and not black at her funeral because the late princes liked him best in navy. Thus, Eden believed that Prince Harry’s choice of color for his outfit at the event was significant.

Prince William, Harry’s reunion revisited

Prince William and Prince Harry put a united front at their most recent public reunion. The royal siblings have been rumored to be feuding. However, they made an effort to put aside their differences and make the event all about their mom.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl, author of Harry: Life, Loss, and Love, agreed that there was no tension between the royal siblings. However, she believed that it would take more than Prince Charles’ funeral and Princess Diana’s statue for the royal brother to end their rift.

According to Nicholl, the Duke of Cambridge is still very bitter and very hurt over what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said during their interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Image used courtesy of Channel 5/YouTube Screenshot

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