Prince Harry almost used drugs after Princess Diana’s death

Prince Harry

Prince Harry revealed once-unknown details about him and drug usage.

Prince Harry gave out more details about how tragic his life became after Princess Diana’s death.

Following his continuous critical interviews, Prince Harry found more freedom by joining Oprah Winfrey on a new docuseries.

Though The Me You Can’t See, the Duke of Sussex reflected on the time he suffered mentally and emotionally following his mother’s death. Per the royal prince, he faced panic attacks and almost turned into drugs and alcohol.

Prince Harry’s drug use

On the Apple TV+ show, the royal prince said that he underwent helplessness as he failed to save his mother from the media and accident. For what it’s worth, the royal princess died after the car crash incident in August 1997.

“I was willing to drink. I was willing to take drugs. I was willing to try and do the things that made me feel like I was feeling,” he said. “But I slowly became aware that, OK, I wasn’t drinking Monday to Friday, but I would probably drink a week’s worth in one day on a Friday or Saturday night.”

He then recalled how he always found himself drinking. However, Prince Harry clarified that it was not because he was enjoying it, but because he wanted to conceal something.

The Most Heartbreaking Part of Princess Diana’s Death

Prince Harry’s birthday was just weeks away when Princess Diana died. This made him suffer even more.

In the docuseries, the royal prince revealed that his wife Meghan Markle helped him seek help after an unknown fight. The series then showed him receiving different therapies and treatments, including EMDR treatment. This is a kind of procedure and psychotherapy technique that relieves trauma and PTSD.

“I wasn’t in an environment where it was encouraged to talk about it either, that was sort of, like, squashed,” he went on.

According to Prince Harry, his panic attacks continuously occurred even before he attended a royal appointment. But in the end, he left a powerful message to all people who can relate to him. Per the royal, a person will not have full control of himself if he does not transform or process the pain immediately.

The Channel 5 documentary titled Prince Harry: The Troubled Prince also previously talked about the same alcohol and drug use.

“You can really understand how a lonely, privileged unhappy Prince would end up drinking and partying and taking cannabis to fill those hours and hang out with people he thought really liked or even loved him,” Daisy McAndrew said.

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