Prince Harry and Meghan calls British press invasive and distorted


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently announced their decision not to cooperate with several UK press. The Sussex royal couple calls these tabloids as invasive and distorted.

Just before the COVID-19 lockdown, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to their new home in Los Angeles together with their son, Archie. Before moving to LA, the royal couple had stepped down from their royal duties in the hope that they can be financially independent without the backing of the monarchy.

Prince Harry and Meghan had already faced criticisms, but they have shown resiliency in their decision. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the couple had been proactive in supporting the locals in their neighborhood by delivering food to their houses.

Prince Harry and Meghan decided not to cooperate with the British tabloids

In a letter sent addressed to the editors of The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail and The Daily Express, the royal couple explained that they will no longer engage with the said tabloids. 

Over the years of being in the spotlight, it appears that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had a lot of negative things to say about these UK tabloids. The couple had expressed that their lives, as well as others, are being used as economic click baits.  

The new policy is already disseminated to the PR team which means that calls from the banned tabloids and newspapers will not be answered or entertained. They will no longer receive confirmations and facts regarding the couple’s status.

UK newspapers are invasive and distorted

Prince Harry and Meghan had banned the tabloids for releasing invasive, false or distorted stories. The couple is concerned that the new releases often damage the credibility not only their lives but the lives of friends and even strangers. 

The Duke and Duchess assured the tabloids that they are not avoiding criticisms, but to protect accurate reporting. Apparently, the couple has had enough of giving themselves freely to the public. Moreover, it seems that the Duke and Duchess have seen their lives revolved around these media gossips and false information.

Prince Harry and Meghan labeled as narcissistic

Editors from the banned tabloids and royal watchers have criticized Prince Harry and Meghan’s new policy. The royal couple is now being labeled as narcissistic for having to disengage with the said tabloids.  

The Duke and Duchess had recently been slammed after snubbing the Australian government for refusing to allow the Australian Rural Fire Services to name an air tank after their son, Archie.

 The royal couple had not completely shut down other newspapers. They are still willing to work with other media outlets.

Images courtesy of Northern Ireland Office / CC BY and ET Canada/Youtube Screenshot

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