Prince Harry asks Kate Middleton for help to but she refused: rumor

Prince Harry asks Kate Middleton for help to but she refused: rumor

Prince Harry, allegedly, asked Kate Middleton for help in mending his relationship with the royal family. However, Middleton wasn’t, allegedly, very accommodating.

While speaking with New Idea, royal commentator Phil Dampier revealed that Prince Harry secretly reached out to his sister-in-law. However, mending his rift with the royal family isn’t easy because he’s so far away.

“It’s going to be really hard for them all to make up if they are living thousands of miles apart. One of the tragedies of Megxit is the way Harry and Kate have fallen out when they were once so close. It was heartbreaking to see,” Dampier said.

Prince Harry, Kate Middleton’s special relationship

Prince Harry, Kate Middleton’s special relationship

The royal commentator said that the Duke of Sussex was just 19 years old when Prince William and Middleton started dating. Meghan Markle’s husband also fondly called the future queen consort the big sister he never had.

“Whenever they were together, they were always laughing and joking, usually at William’s expense. You could see the rapport and love between them and both must miss those carefree days,” he said.

Kate Middleton’s priorities are her kids, husband, and duty

Dampier also said that Prince Harry is worried that Middleton has given up on trying to smooth things over between the former Fab Four. After all, Middleton’s priorities are different now.

“Kate’s priorities are now her three young children, supporting her husband, and also the queen. She won’t let anything get between those important goals and I can’t see her going out of her way to make it up, especially with Meghan,” Dampier said.

However, no one really knows what’s happening with the royal family behind closed doors. As of late, Prince William, Middleton, Prince Harry, and Markle have not yet directly addressed their alleged feud.

Princes Harry, William royal feud

But several publications claimed that their issues started shortly after Markle and Prince Harry started dating. Prince William was, reportedly, one of the first people that Prince Harry confided in about his engagement plans.

However, the Duke of Cambridge didn’t initially seem excited for his younger brother. In fact, Prince William, reportedly, tried to convince Prince Harry to take things slow with Markle.

Unfortunately, the Duke of Sussex didn’t like Prince William’s advice. And it made him feel as though he and Markle didn’t have Prince William’s support.

Recent reports revealed that Middleton also tried to talk Prince Harry about taking his relationship with Markle slow. However, her advice didn’t also sit well with the former senior working royal.

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