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Prince Harry completely loses important role after ruining monarchy’s neutrality


Prince Harry, reportedly, spoke too much when he freely shared his thoughts about U.S. politics. He also broke a protocol in his recent video with Meghan Markle.

Following his statements about the upcoming U.S. presidential election, Prince Harry lost his chance to reclaim one of his titled.

When Prince Harry dropped their decision to quit as senior royal positions with Meghan, the monarchy also removed his titles.

One of these royal titles is the Captain-General of the Royal Marines position, which he got from Queen Elizabeth II after Prince Philip.

But after he lost it, the Duke of Sussex, allegedly, felt devastated over the decision. Furthermore, the Palace reportedly said that it is no longer considering giving him back the titles.

Currently, Prince Harry is about to face the end of the on-going review.

Royal Palace desperate to take away the title

The senior Royal Navy sources confirmed the move. They also said that they are now anticipating the official announcement of the 12-month review.

They further mentioned that there is no need to change the current arrangements since Prince Harry broke the monarchy’s neutrality.

Meanwhile, a royal expert claimed that his comments on the U.S. presidential election might have pushed the status quo.

“The headline in the paper doesn’t mention Harry but it will undoubtedly be a blow to him if this happens,” Richard Palmer said.

“The Sussexes’ intervention in the U.S. presidential election, no matter how carefully worded, was deemed by palace officials to have crossed a line.”

Who will be the new Captain-General?

In addition, technically, Prince Harry still holds the said rank. But per the agreement, he is not allowed to use it since it is a gift from the sovereign.

“No new appointments will be made to fill these roles before the 12-month review of the new arrangements is completed,” the agreement said.

However, an insider divulged that they already made the plan to completely stripped the title off of him.

“The Corps is, in effect, without a Captain-General and we really must get on and fill this role,” said the source last night,” a source told Sunday Express.

Following the news, Palmer also disclosed to Daily Express that Prince William received an invitation to fill in the position.

When Prince Harry realized that he lost the position, he, allegedly, told his friends that he regretted leaving. But since he is now unstoppable, he has no choice but to let go of the position no matter what.

Featured image courtesy of Office of the Governor-General – Commons

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