Prince Harry desire for privacy has ‘backfired’ for this reason

A royal expert believed the plan of Prince Harry to protect his family from the public eye by moving to the U.S. has backfired.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as senior royals to lead a private life with their son, Archie. However, a lot believed moving to Los Angeles was not the answer to their wish for privacy.

The continuation of the negative press

On her blog, royal expert Marlene Koenig said the protection the Duke of Sussex wanted to give his family had backfired.

“The negative press coverage has not abated,” she said. “And privacy is largely non-existent in the United States once you walk outside your front door.”

Koenig strongly believed the Sussexes would be a lot safer if they stayed behind the fences of Windsor Great Park.

To recall, Prince Harry and Meghan recently filed a lawsuit against paparazzi who took pictures of their son while playing outside Tyler Perry’s Los Angeles mansion.

Santa Barbara, now being patrolled by photographers

Although they now moved to Santa Barbara, the same thing might happen after Paparazzi Podcast host Mark Karloff revealed photographers were now patrolling the area.

There were a lot of celebrities living in Santa Barbara. So, paparazzi were always around, taking a chance to catch a glimpse of them.

“I was actually joking with a photographer the other day that the shot to get now is Meghan and Harry coming out of a cafe with Oprah and Ellen,” he told Newsweek.

Montecito was also a relatively small place. So, it might be impossible for them not to get spotted whenever they go out and about.

There was always a team of guys from multiple agencies that were up there, patrolling.

“Now Meghan and Harry are there, I don’t think they’re leaving any time soon,” Karloff continued. “Everyone wants to get them now. That tight group of photographers who are up there, they’ll get them at some point.”

Prince Harry, Meghan’s ‘not too smart’ move

In relation to their moved to Santa Barbara to find privacy, Karloff found it a “not too smart” move. He, too, said Prince Harry and Meghan were naive into thinking that they could “escape press intrusion.”

Karloff revealed a couple of photographers already located the couple’s property. He also believed the continuous “press intrusion at their mansion” could be the “final straw.”

“It could be a final straw, it could be,” he told Daily Star“I just don’t think that they are too smart about what they are doing.”

Karloff suggested there were many places that Prince Harry and Meghan could go where they would never be bothered by the press.

“It seems like they want to live next door to Oprah, they want to live next door next to Ellen,” he continued. “They want that hype of the place they live, but that diminishes the privacy.”

He even advised Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to move away from Hollywood, the celebrities, and the limelight if they wanted some privacy.

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