Prince Harry dropping last name after royal exit rumor debunked

Prince Harry was allegedly planning to drop his last name after he and Meghan Markle left the royal family. However, there is no piece of evidence to back such a claim.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to step back from their royal roles in January. In March, they carried out their final engagement and moved to the U.S. One tabloid claimed that following their U.S. move, the prince is dropping his royal surname.

Prince Harry allegedly stopped using his last name

Woman’s Day claimed that when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle registered their new charity, “there was no sign of the name Mountbatten-Windsor, which descendants of the queen and Prince Philip take.”

The source speculated that Prince William’s brother decided to drop his surname. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son, Archie, is using Mountbatten-Windsor. But Markle’s husband didn’t use it in the filing.

Duke dropping surname rumor debunked

According to Gossip Cop, the claims that Prince Harry is dropping his surname is not true. First, the Duke of Sussex has “no official last name.”

The duke’s complete name is “Prince Henry Charles Albert David, Duke of Sussex.”

The royals don’t use surnames. Prince William, Prince Charles, and their royal aunts and uncles like Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward also don’t use one.

Second, Prince Harry never used the surname Mountbatten-Windsor in his life.

When Prince William’s brother used a surname in the past, he used his dad, Prince Charles’ title. In 2005, when he joined the military, his name was “Officer Cadet Wales,” and later Lieutenant Wales.

Prince Charles is the heir apparent and the current Prince of Wales. Just like Prince Harry, Prince William used the same surname, Wales.

Also, Prince William’s kids use his title as their last name. The Duke of Cambridge is the second in line to the throne. Kate Middleton’s husband will be the next king after Prince Charles.

His kids Prince George and Princess Charlotte are known simply as George Cambridge and Charlotte Cambridge in school.

Prince Harry in the U.S.A.

In related news, Meghan Markle’s mom Doria Ragland has reportedly moved in with the Sussexes in their home in Los Angeles.

The duchess mom is a former social worker and a yoga instructor. She is allegedly acting as Archie’s “unofficial nanny.”

“Doria has her own quarters and whilst a few of Harry’s chums have been ribbing him about living with his mother-in-law, he has a brilliant relationship with her,” the source told The Sun.

Meanwhile, body language Judi James said that Prince Harry has changed based on her actions. He is reportedly becoming “quite teenager-ish” with his body language.

“I think he’s getting that enthusiastic, American, teenager vibe that we maybe weren’t seeing when he was being royal in the U.K.,” she added.


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