Prince Harry expected to interact with Prince William again amid past feuds

Prince Harry

Prince Harry shared misunderstandings with Prince Harry in the past. But as a royal and a younger brother, he will always have to make it up with him.

Prince Harry will need to forget the tension between him and Prince William as they pay tribute to their late mother.

In the past few years, Prince Harry and Prince William, reportedly, dealt with beef after Meghan Markle came. The tension got bigger after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

However, the royal brothers need to reconcile again for one special event for Princess Diana this upcoming summer.

Prince Harry need to reconcile with Prince William

After Prince Philip’s funeral, Prince Harry and Prince William will meet again in July despite the things not being settled yet.

A palace insider told New York Post’s Page Six (as reported by Fox News) that the royal princes will see each other in July for their mother. The statue of the late Princess of Wales will be presented to the public at Kensington Palace.

The date will also mark Princess Diana’s 60th birthday.

“No one is going to tell Harry not to come, but how does he face his family?” the source warned. “Harry’s still coming, we’re told, but how will it all go down? Will he just turn up on the day without having seen them beforehand?”

The Duke of Sussex recently blurted out negative statements against the royal family. The prince referred to his life as a royal a “zoo like.” He even said that Prince Charles caused him pain and suffering in the past years.

Royal Princes’ feud will get worse

While Princess Diana’s birthday could have been the best way to fix the beef between the brothers.

Unfortunately, a separate source believed that things will only go from bad to worse this time.

The insider explained that the Dukes of Sussex and Cambridge never got the chance to fix their relationship since Megxit. The continuous bombshell interviews also added more fuel to the fire.

Since then, Prince Harry and Prince William never talked it out.

Although July 1 serves as a special day for Princess Diana’s sons, Prince Harry’s plans might be affected by Markle’s pregnancy. For what it’s worth, the duchess is currently pregnant with her second child with Prince Harry.

Meanwhile, the Royal Palace already finds the prince’s tantrums tiring.

“Stop whining about how awful your privileged upbringing was … and stop using your title if you are so miserable about being royal,” a source said.

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