Prince Harry hair loss accelerated after U.S. move, expert claims


Prince Harry is allegedly catching up with his big brother, Prince William, when it comes to hair loss, one expert claimed.

Prince Harry is experiencing accelerated hair loss after he and Meghan Markle moved into the United States. However, his blading process is much slower compared to Prince William.

Prince Harry hair loss update

Dr Asim Shahmalak at Crown Clinic in Manchester said Prince Harry has been losing more hair after his U.S. move. He is reportedly at the same stage of hair loss as Prince William when the latter was 26.

Shahmalak noted that the baldness gene is not as strong in Prince Harry compared to his older sibling.  But he is losing his hair quickly.

The expert pointed out that Prince Harry’s hair loss is around the crown. Aside from a growing bald patch right across his crown, his hair towards the front is thinning.

What causes Prince Harry’s baldness

The expert noted that the stress of his feuding with the royal family may have contributed to his accelerated hair loss. However, the major factor behind it is genetics.

“A much more significant factor, though, is the strong baldness gene running through the whole Windsor family,” the expert was quoted by Daily Star as saying.

Prince Philip had the male pattern baldness gene and it was passed down to Prince Charles and to his grandsons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Between the Prince of Wales’ sons, it was the Duke of Cambridge who had the stronger gene.

Prince William lost a lot of hair when he was in his early 20s. Meanwhile, Prince Harry had a slower hair loss before. But, “he is catching up his brother fast, particularly in the crown area.”

Prince William crowned sexiest bald man

Despite Prince William’s accelerated hair loss, he received a title as the World’s Sexiest Bald Man in March. He beat several celebrities for the title, including Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and more, People reported.

According to the researchers, Prince William was described “sexy” 17.6 million times in blogs, reports and pages through Google search.

However, not everyone was convinced of the results of the study. Many was rooting for Stanley Tucci. Meanwhile, Johnson was rooting for Larry David.

Some Twitter users also reacted to the poll with many taking it as a joke. Several celebrity names also resurfaced with the netizens rooting for Shemar Moore and Morris Chestnut.

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