Prince Harry harms royal family with damaging docuseries

Prince Harry

Prince Harry successfully launched the documentary series The Me You Can’t See on Apple TV+ with Oprah Winfrey. However, not everyone feels impressed by it.

Prince Harry currently enjoys a new spotlight in Hollywood with the help of Oprah Winfrey. He recently appeared on the Apple TV+ documentary series The Me You Can’t See.

The duo will also appear in another special this month. The public then expects him to share more personal struggles surrounding his trauma as a royal member.

Despite his desire to break the stigma surrounding mental health, a royal historian warned that his moves harm the monarchy.

How Prince Harry puts the royal family in danger

In this week’s issue of People Magazine, royal historian Robert Lacey expressed his concern over Prince Harry’s choices.

According to Lacey, the Duke of Sussex made everything in this world a little better. Since the royal prince chose to address mental health issues by sharing his story, he started helping people with his ways.

However, the royal historian claimed that this serves as another blow to Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family.

For what it’s worth, several royal members already expressed their dismay toward Prince Harry. His brother, Prince William, currently feels curious about the thing that made Prince Harry felt he was abandoned by the firm.

The royal family cannot believe Prince Harry’s attitude

Recently, a source told Us Weekly the Duke of Cambridge’s reaction to Prince Harry’s Apple TV+ documentary series. The royal prince currently works with Oprah Winfrey on The Me You Can’t See.

“William feels that Harry should discuss his issues privately and can’t comprehend why he continues to shade his own flesh and blood on TV,” the source added.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II has been feeling upset by her grandson. The source told Mail on Sunday that Her Majesty takes the current situation “very personally.”

“Harry’s grandmother has taken this very personally and is deeply upset by what Harry has said, in particular his comments about Charles’s parenting and suggesting his father knows no better because of how he was brought up. It has been a very upsetting time,” the insider said.

Despite these reactions, the royal prince plans to reveal more stories through the upcoming The Me You Can’t See: A Path Forward. It will serve as a follow-up special for the five-part documentary series The Me You Can’t See.

Featured image courtesy of E. J. Hersom, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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