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Prince Harry learns Prince Charles is not his biological dad: Rumor


Prince Harry, allegedly, got a paternity test recently, and he found out that Prince Charles is not his biological dad.

According to Globe, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth have known the truth for 36 years but they decided to keep it to themselves.

Several years ago, Prince William also found out about the truth. But he was sworn to secrecy by the senior royals.

“Make no mistake, the devastation documents revealing Harry is not true blue blood were leaked by the palace. It is clearly the ultimate revenge on Harry and Meghan for spilling their guts. They didn’t want to be members of the royal family – and now the palace is peddling proof Harry is just as common-born as his American wife,” the source said.

Prince Charles paternity test proved he’s not Prince Harry’s dad

The insider alleged that Prince Charles decided to get a paternity test decades ago after realizing that the Duke of Sussex looked nothing like him.

And when she found out the truth, the queen, allegedly, encouraged him to keep it a secret so as not to vilify Princess Diana.

Prince Harry’s real dad could be James Hewitt or Mark Dyer

In true tabloid fashion, Globe insisted that Prince Harry’s biological dad is James Hewitt even though the latter has denied this time and again.

“Harry and Hewitt both have red hair, long faces, strong jaws, straight pointy noses, and are tall and muscular – an extreme contrast to jug-eared, weak-chinned Charles,” the source said.

If not Hewitt, the tabloid also suggested that Mark Dyer could very well be Prince Harry’s dad.

“They look more like father and son than Harry and Charles ever will. They’re so close, some are convinced he’s Harry’s real dad. In some ways, they’re emotionally closer than Charles and Harry,” the source said.

Prince Charles, Prince Harry’s lack of relationship reason behind his title loss

Now that the tabloid has, allegedly, proven that Prince Charles isn’t Prince Harry’s real dad, the latter should be stripped of all his titles.

However, this is something that the queen has already done because the Sussexes have no intention to return to their royal duties.

It is important to note that there’s no truth to the tabloid’s claims. Prince Charles is the biological dad of Prince Harry. And they never took a paternity test that proved otherwise.

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