Prince Harry, Meghan Markle felt ‘unsupported, unprotected’ after learning this

Omid Scobie made another bombshell revelation about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Allegedly, the Sussexes felt “unsupported and unprotected” by the Royal Family after learning media’s information about them came from “inside the Palace” itself.

The controversial author said on The Heirpod podcast Prince Harry and Meghan were in an “extremely unpleasant situation.”

He called the situation an HR crisis. Scobie also claimed the couple never got the “support they needed.”

Prince Harry, Meghan felt vulnerable while in the Palace

Prince Harry and Meghan felt “extremely vulnerable,” knowing the leaked stories about them came from inside the Buckingham Palace.

“To have members of their team or family that they are part of being involved in some of their leaks was an extremely unpleasant situation for them,” Scobie said. “And made them feel even more unsupported and unprotected.”

However, the 30-year-old journalist reminded everyone that the Palace was an immense establishment, per Daily Mail.

“What lies within are three very different households and agendas, all looking after their own bosses and own agendas,” he continued. “It left them very exposed.”

He added Prince Harry and Meghan also struggled with the monarchy’s “no comment policy.”

Scobie revealed the former actress found the approach “difficult to adjust to.”

“You need to lean on your new family for support, and it just wasn’t there often enough,” he explained.

Sophie seems to contradict Scobie’s claims about welcoming Meghan

Meanwhile, in an interview with The Sunday Times, via Express, Sophie, Countess of Wessex revealed they all tried to help any new members of the Royal Family, pertaining to Meghan.

They also did their best to make them feel comfortable, contrary to Scobie’s claims.

“I just hope they will be happy,” Sophie then wished to Prince Harry and Meghan.

She then seemed to liken herself to Meghan, from the time she first met her husband, Prince Edward, to how she dealt with the Royal life and the media attention she received.

“Remember I’d had five years to adjust,” she continued. “And for our six-month engagement, I was even staying at Buckingham Palace.”

“Not that you necessarily know how it will pan out,” she added.

Sophie seems to have a good relationship with every member of the Royal Family. However, she’s particularly close to Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now living in their new Santa Barbara mansion after officially stepping down as senior royals in March.

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