Prince Harry, Meghan Markle to work on Princess Diana movie: Debunked

Now that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will create content for Netflix, rumors have it they are currently working on a film about Princess Diana.

Indeed, there will be a Princess Diana musical coming on Netflix. However, Prince Harry reportedly has nothing to do with it, and he and Meghan are working on their Princess-D feature.

Prince Harry, Meghan to work on new Princess Diana movie

National Enquirer claimed the “megabucks production deal” the Sussexes had with Netflix would begin with a “tribute” to the late princess.

An alleged insider revealed Prince Harry wanted to “create a definitive work to honor” his mother.

Hence, Netflix was excited about their contract, knowing Hollywood only wanted the prince to tell one story – his own.

There were a lot of conspiracy theories surrounding the Princess of Wales’ death. Hence, the Duke of Sussex aimed to tackle all of those in the movie.

However, with the palace’s policy, he couldn’t do it before. But after stepping down as a senior royal, he now had the chance to make it.

Allegedly, this move made Prince Charles devastated, seeing his son “trading on his former royal status.”

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Debunking the claim

Gossip Cop debunked this claim due to the lack of evidence and other concrete details. The nature of the movie wasn’t revealed. Also, it didn’t even disclose if Prince Harry, Meghan, and Netflix had a proper press release for it.

If the father-of-one worked on a new movie about his mom, the announcement would come from a film outlet and not from a tabloid. Hence, this only proved that there’s no truth to this story.

“Diana: A New Musical”

Meanwhile, fans are clamoring for Netflix to stop the release of the controversial Diana: A New Musical. It is a fictional account of Princess Diana’s marriage life with Prince Charles and time with the Royal Family.

Now that Prince Harry works for Netflix, fans see a bigger chance to control the musical’s release.

The People’s Princess former bodyguard, Ken Wharfe, spoke out against the show. Aside from him, royal fans, commentators, and even other members of the Royal Family opposed the program.

“The Diana musical, soon to be premiered on Netflix, presents a huge dilemma to them both,” Wharfe told The Sun. “If the critics are to be believed, this musical story is not a joyous journey of love with a happy ending but an episodic account of untruths, scandal, and sex.”

So, Prince Harry now has the chance to “stand-alone from his wife and make clear his abhorrence of such a musical and call Netflix to account.”

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