Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s involvement in ‘Finding Freedom’ questioned

Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand have repeatedly insisted that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had nothing to do with the explosive revelations in Finding Freedom. But a lot of people seem not to believe them.

The controversial biography about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is now officially out. As the book has been making headlines and dropping bombshell revelations after revelations, how do Scobie and Durand manage to obtain these?

The ever-changing story of Finding Freedom authors

In a post on Quora, Cathi Richardson revealed Scobie had denied that the Sussexes had anything to do with the book.

“That is an about-face,” she said. “He claims that it was not the tabloids that drove Meghan out of Britain, but the Royal Family itself, its inherent racism, and the racism of their staffers.”

Allegedly, these things made the Duke of Sussex “woke.”

“How would he know that unless he had spoken with him?” Richardson questioned.

Richardson continued that Scobie claimed there were no issues between Markle and Kate Middleton. They, allegedly, are on good terms, and it is only Prince Harry and Prince William, who have a “beef.”

Richardson explained she never saw two in-laws, who barely knew each other would be friends without their husbands.

She pointed out that these were just the highlights. He is promoting a book with a slashed price ahead of its release.

“Promoting a couple, he says he doesn’t know. It’s very fishy, and the story is changing always,” Richardson continued.

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Scobie breaks silence over Prince Harry, Markle’s involvement in the book

According to Independent, Scobie and Durand revealed they spoke to over 100 sources to complete Finding Freedom. It included palace staff, Prince Harry and Markle’s close friends, and other authors who knew their story.

The two authors met the couple on their different tours and engagements. Scobie first encountered the former actress at a fashion event in Paris in 2013.

Scobie reminded everyone the book is an “unauthorized biography.” He explained it was never his intention to release “some cooperative one-sided version of events.”

“That’s when you enter autobiographical territory,” he said.

This lets them have the chance to talk with other people about Prince Harry and Markle without censorship candidly.

Scobie cleared the rumors Prince Harry and Meghan had something to do with Finding Freedom. “They are untrue,” he said. “But it’s a compliment that people feel the reporting gives that much of an insight into their lives.”

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