Prince Harry, Melania Trump’s awkward encounter very different from Michelle Obama’s

Prince Harry, Melania Trump's awkward encounter very different from Michelle Obama's

Prince Harry has already met Melania Trump and Michelle Obama, but his encounter with the current First Lady and ex-FLOTUS was very different.

Prince Harry and Melania Trump reportedly had an awkward encounter. It was very different when the royal prince was spotted with the former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Prince Harry and Melania Trump’s awkward encounter

Prince Harry was the first British royal to meet a member of the Trump family in 2017. The Duke of Sussex met Melania Trump for the Invictus Games, which he started, Express reported.

However, their encounter immediately went viral, with some netizens noticing the royal prince’s strange gesture with his hand half-tucked into his jacket. The meeting was Melania’s first solo international trip in the role, but there was a noticeable discomfort between the two that sparked various speculations within the international media.

The outlet noted that Harry and Melania only spent less than half an hour together. Meghan Markle’s husband was then to another engagement.

“Harry initially appeared awkward when he was introduced to the Slovenian former model, smiling brightly for the cameras before letting it drop as he turned away,” one insider said.

“The pair then engaged in small talk with Mrs Trump thanking the Prince for coming before he asked her if she had been in Canada long.”

A week later, Harry was seen with former President Barack Obama in the same event. During the sighting, the two gentlemen were seen “laughing, sharing jokes and enjoying the game.”

Michelle Obama and Harry’s friendly encounters

In 2015, Prince Harry hosted Michelle Obama and her two daughters for a cup of tea in his former Kensington Palace apartment. According to sources, the royal was “very pleased” to be spending time with them. The royal believes in promoting education for adolescent girls across the world like Michelle.

In 2016, Michelle also took part in a video message between Barack and Harry. She joined her husband to show the competitive side of the Americans.

“Hey Prince Harry,” Michelle said in the clip while Obama interjected, “Careful what you wish for.” One serviceman joked and added, “boom.”

The duke responded with a hilarious video with his royal grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. The grandmother and grandson filmed themselves watching the Obamas’ clip and Her Majesty responded with, “Boom, really, please.” Meanwhile, Prince Harry dropped the mic on the Obamas.

“Unfortunately for you @FLOTUS and @POTUS I wasn’t alone when you sent me that video – H,” Prince Harry wrote on Twitter using the Kensington account, which is now named after the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.


Image used courtesy of ABC News/YouTube Screenshot

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