Prince Harry: Duke’s ‘Nazi costume scandal’ sparked strifes with William?

Prince Harry: Duke's Nazi costume scandal sparked strifes with William?

Prince William and Prince Harry are not on speaking terms.

Speculations about Prince Harry and Prince William’s feud remain apparent. Several sources continue to make claims about the real and current nature of the royal siblings’ relationship.

While it remains unclear whether the two Wales Princes have already patched things up, many reports state that they are not on speaking terms. As the talks about the issue continue to grow, royal fans and supporters also continue to wonder what caused the tension between the once-close brothers.

In his latest book, Battle of Brothers, royal biographer Robert Lacey claimed that it all started after the Nazi costume scandal in 2005. The young Duke of Sussex “resented” the future King of the United Kingdom for not shouldering a fair share of the blame, according to Cheat Sheet.

What the ‘Nazi costume scandal’ is all about

In January 2005, Prince Harry and Prince William, who were 20 and 22 years old, went to pick up their party costumes at Maud’s Cotswold Costumes for a “Colonials and Natives” party. The Duke of Cambridge chose “tight black leggings” and “furry paws” for his look. Meanwhile, his brother picked a uniform costume as the “color suited him,” Lacey wrote.

Amid the event, one of the guests took a photo of the Duke of Sussex wearing the infamous Nazi uniform as he holds on to his drink and cigarette. A few days after, it ended up on the front page of various British papers.

This sparked rage among the public as they deemed it inappropriate. Not to mention, he stood as the third person in line to the British Throne at that time. Although he apologized for the “poor choice of costume,” it failed to stop the criticisms, according to The Irish Times.

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Why Prince Harry “resented” Prince William

Battle of Brothers claims that the feud between Prince Harry and Prince William began after the scandal. As Lacey explained in the material, the Duke of Sussex thought that his brother should also share in the blame.

In recalling the events, the royal siblings picked up their costumes together. The future British Monarch even reportedly “laughed” all the way back to Highgrove and later on towards the party.

He was there when they chose their costumes, and he was there at the party with his young brother, whom “he was supposed to be mentoring.” Despite this, he did not share in the blame, which “bothered” Prince Harry. He resented the fact that his brother “got away so lightly,” the royal biographer noted.

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