Prince Harry no longer a prince, stripped of royal title rumor debunked

Prince Harry no longer a prince, stripped of royal title rumor debunked

Prince Harry is allegedly no longer a prince after Queen Elizabeth II stripped him of his royal title, according to a tabloid.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decide to step down from their royal duties. The royal couple also announced they wanted to work and be financially independent. There were speculations that Prince William’s brother had been stripped of his royal title.

Prince Harry stripped of royal title rumors

Life & Style published a report claiming that “Prince Harry is no longer a prince.” It painted the duke as the prodigal son who angered the monarch, so he had to “pay the ultimate price,” which was the removal of his royal titles.

It quoted an anonymous insider claiming that Her Majesty would not allow the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to walk away without any consequences. Also, she is reportedly not afraid to take it further.

The Queen was allegedly not happy with them scoring a deal with Netflix. There were speculations that they wouldn’t win the deal if they were not royalty. The monarch was allegedly not pleased that Prince Harry and Markle turned the monarchy “into a trashy cow.”

Duke is still a prince

Gossip Cop refuted the report because it’s not true. Contrary to what it reported, Prince Harry is still a prince. The rumor-debunking site pointed out that if the report was true, it would be published in a more reputable source. Also, it would likely trend on Twitter for days. But, the news was limited to one tabloid cover because it wasn’t true.

Also, Prince Harry and Markle’s Netflix deal happened a few months ago, so it didn’t make sense that the Queen would only get angry now.

Meghan Markle and Harry warned

Meanwhile, royal biographer Robert Lacey warned Prince Harry and Meghan Markle of their Netflix deal. He pointed out that the couple denied doing a reality show but didn’t squash down rumors that they were making a documentary.

There are rumors that they had a recording when they left the palace. They will allegedly use the sensational home footage for their documentary, but Lacey warned the couple against it.

“And if they did do a documentary about how they left the Royal Family and why and how they are getting on away from the Royal Family, that could be the actual end, that could finalise the rift,” he added.

“That would finally break the taboos, it could be impossible for them to come back.”


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