Prince Harry, Prince William’s 2-hour crisis talk allegedly turned tense: report

Prince Harry, Prince William's 2-hour crisis talk allegedly turned tense: Report

Prince Harry and Prince William had a two-hour crisis talk when the former was in the U.K., and it was cordial at first, but it turned tense, according to a report.

Prince Harry had the chance to talk with his older brother, Prince William, when he flew to the U.K. to attend Prince Philip’s funeral. According to multiple outlets, their conversation turned tense at one point.

Prince Harry and William’s conversation allegedly turned tense

Several sources spoke with New Idea about Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince Harry’s two-hour crisis talk. The insiders told the outlet that the talks were “at first cordial.” However, when they got to the core of each other’s perceived wrongs, things turned tense.

“William had some very choice words to say about Harry’s Oprah interview, which he will never not see as a huge betrayal,” a royal source said.

The source added that Prince Harry had a chip on his shoulders and did not back down from Prince William and Prince Charles. In fact, he did not make a real apology.

The Prince of Wales was already in an emotional state after his dad Prince Philip’s funeral and could not bring himself to confront his son, Prince Harry, about the rumored rift.

“He was hoping for healing. I fear he was left disappointed,” the source added.

Prince William and Harry’s public reunion

Prince Harry and Prince William were very close growing up. In fact, when the Duke of Cambridge married Kate Middleton, the Duke of Sussex also became close to the Duchess of Cambridge. Prince Harry was Prince William and Middleton’s third wheel until he met and married Meghan Markle.

Meghan Markle’s husband and Prine William did not walk side-by-side during Prince Philip’s funeral. However, they had a friendly reunion after the memorial service. Prince Harry was photographed exiting the chapel with his brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Kate Middleton.

Several body language experts analyzed their photos and videos, and many of them were convinced that they had an authentic conversation. Judi James said they had a genuine moment of unity and were not acting for cameras.

Body language expert Elaine Swann also noticed the same observation. For her, the siblings’ gestures showed that they still care for each other.

She noted how Prince William leaned toward his younger brother. According to her, it was a “very hopeful sign.” Meanwhile, Prince Harry’s body language showed that he is still there for his big brother. He concluded that the two royal princes showed signs of reconciliation.


Image used courtesy of Channel 5/YouTube Screenshot

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