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Prince Harry should be removed from succession line, experts demand


Royal experts believe that the British Royal Family is close to a “constitutional crisis,” and Prince Harry must be cut from the line of succession.

Prince Harry is the youngest son of the Heir Apparent, Prince Charles. When Princess Diana gave birth to him in 1984, he was the third person in line to the British Throne.

But, as time passed by and Prince William had children of his own, he moved further down the line. The Duke of Sussex is now at the sixth spot, considering his brother had Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Whatever his placement, though, royal experts and commentators demanded him to be cut from the line, according to the Daily Express. As claimed, this is because the British Royal Family is just “a breath away” from a “constitutional crisis.”

Prince Harry would have become the Prince Regent

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Robert Jobson urged the senior royals to wake up and realize that Prince Harry is no longer coming back to the United Kingdom. As the public would recall, he now resides in the United States, alongside Meghan Markle and Archie Harrison.

They exited from their roles as senior working royals earlier in 2020. The Sussex couple decided to step down to live a life outside the British Monarchy and become “financially independent.”

The royal expert explained that, because of this, the Duke of Sussex should be “taken out” of the line of succession. He reminded that the world is currently facing a pandemic, adding that the British public, the royals, in particular, is only “a couple of breaths away from a constitutional crisis.”

Jobson continued that the monarchy has a “very old Queen,” and Prince Charles and Prince William both suffered from COVID-19 back in 2020. If, in a scenario, the public lost its British Monarch, as well as the first and second persons in line to the British Throne, the United Kingdom would have Prince Harry as a regent to Prince George. Accordingly, this is a “serious situation” that they need to address as soon as possible.

A shift in the line of succession

As of the time being, Prince Charles up to Archie Harrison, their positions at the line of succession remains the same. The Prince of Wales will become the King of the United Kingdom after Queen Elizabeth.

However, the case is now different for the rest of the British Royals, who are in the eighth spot and above. This is because Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will soon welcome their second child. Once the child arrives, he will automatically become the eighth person in line to the British Throne.

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