Prince Harry drops royal title upon landing Silicon Valley job

Prince Harry drops royal title upon landing Silicon Valley job

BetterUp, Inc. named Prince Harry as its new Chief Impact Officer.

Prince Harry confirmed on Tuesday that he has taken a new job in the United States. Nearly a year after his and his wife’s exit from the British Monarchy, he has now joined a tech startup in Silicon Valley for an executive role.

The exact details have remained undisclosed. But, the Duke of Sussex, as well as the CEO of the company, has already shared a few information about the latest move in his career outside the royal life.

The Daily Express, later on, reported that the royal-born Prince urged everyone in the workplace to ditch his royal title. As explained, he preferred to be called just “Harry” rather than including his royal peerages.

Prince Harry asked his co-workers to drop his royal title

Following the confirmation before the public, CEO Alexi Robichaux shared a few insights on Prince Harry’s arrival in the company. Speaking to BBC, he said that everyone within the startup is a partner. He also revealed that they address the royal as “Harry” because he likes it that way.

He did not disclose, though, how this came up into their conversations. Nevertheless, Robichaux noted that the Duke of Sussex has been in his role “for a couple of months” now.

Prince Harry asked his co-workers to drop his royal title

His role within the company is “meaningful”

The news first emerged from the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday. CNN then reported that BetterUp, Inc. had welcomed Prince Harry as its new Chief Impact Officer.

As explained, the coaching and mental health firm expect the royal-born Prince to provide “input into product strategy decisions,” as well as charitable contributions. They also anticipate him to “advocate publicly on topics related to mental health.”

CEO Alexi Robichaux shared, as well, that the role is a “meaningful and meaty” one. He did not disclose, however, how many hours the Duke of Sussex would be working per week and how much he earns working for the company.

He shared, though, that everyone at BetterUp was “honored” to have the former working royal in their team. The head also praised him for his “incredible attitude.”

Netizens criticized him for his new job

While the company and the Sussexes are likely in celebration of the Duke’s new executive role, the case appears to be different for the rest of the public. A separate report from the Daily Express revealed that many netizens slammed the royal-born Prince for his job. Several individuals reportedly shared their thoughts on social media platforms.

Some of them questioned the company for hiring Prince Harry, who has “no university degree” and no corporate working experience. Others also described the whole event as “cynical” and “astounding.”


Images (1) & (2) courtesy of The Royal Family Channel/YouTube

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