Prince Harry shock: Britain will not forgive hypocrite duke, columnist says

Prince Harry shock: Britain will not forgive hypocrite duke, columnist says

A columnist called Prince Harry a hypocrite.

Dawn Neeson, a columnist for Woman’s Own accused Prince Harry of taking his hypocrisy a step too far.

Columnist criticizes Prince Harry for his recent apology

Neeson is criticizing that Duke of Sussex for apologizing on the public’s behalf. Prince Harry suggested that the public hasn’t done anything about racism. The columnist reminded royal fans that Prince Harry once wore a Nazi costume for fun.

“Seriously, if anyone is a walking definition of white privilege, it’s this [expletive]. The Black Lives Matter campaign prompted the duke’s sudden fit of conscience. But while of course, we all agree racism is abhorrent and needs to be tackled everywhere around the world, we’re quite capable of thinking and acting on our own behalf. What we don’t need is the Prince of Woke implying we’re such a bigoted, hateful bunch that he felt compelled to say sorry,” Neeson wrote.

Britons won’t welcome Prince Harry back home

Britons won’t welcome Prince Harry back home

The columnist said that she hopes the Duke of Sussex will have a happy life in Los Angeles because it’s unlikely that Britons would forgive him for his recent behavior.

Prince Harry also made headlines this week amid claims that he and his wife wouldn’t have spoken up about the Black Lives Matter movement if they didn’t quit The Firm.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex cannot talk about racism if they’re still senior working royals

Joe Little, editor of Majesty magazine said that the Sussexes would’ve only been allowed to talk about matters related to the UK and the Commonwealth.

“I think it’s unlikely that they would have commented on this topic if they’re still based in the UK, but now that they are on the west coast of the US the dynamics have changed. And they do of course still have roles with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust which they take seriously,” he said.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said that as royals, they have commented on the movement differently.

“The Black Lives Matter movement has become politically controversial. However, Harry and Meghan have gained their independence and can, therefore, assume a more activist role, especially in this area, in that of gender equality, and in others which their non-profit organization Archewell will champion, once it has been launched,” he said.

Prince Harry and Markle have been talking about the movement during their video calls from Beverly Hills.

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