Prince Harry shock: Duke allegedly made ‘real dad’ Archie’s godfather

Prince Harry shock: Duke allegedly made 'real dad' Archie's godfather

Prince Harry allegedly made his “real dad,” one of his son Archie’s godfathers.

Prince Harry is rumored to be Princess Diana’s son from another man. The paternity rumors are not new and have been around for years.

One tabloid took the rumors further by putting a new spin on it.

Prince Harry made his real dad Archie’s godfather

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle welcomed their firstborn on May 6, 2019. A few months later, they baptized Archie.

Last year, National Enquirer also published a report claiming that Prince Harry’s real father is among Archie’s godfather. The outlet was referring to a man named Mark Dyer.

Dyer has served as Prince Harry’s mentor, so they have known each other for years. However, there is nothing more to that.

But the tabloid insisted that the royal family is rife with secrets, and Prince Harry’s paternity was “the biggest cover-up of all.”

The so-called insider added that the royal family has done everything to convince the world that his biological dad is Prince Charles, even if they don’t look the same.


Prince Charles and Prince Harry’s alleged confrontation

The outlet also claimed that Prince Charles and Prince Harry had a confrontation. The Prince of Wales was reportedly also convinced that Prince Harry is Dyer’s son.

In fact, the Prince of Wales allegedly told Meghan Markle’s husband, “I am not your father!” in a fit of rage.

“You’re not one of us. You don’t have a drop of my royal blood!” Prince Charle told Prince Harry, the palace insider claimed.

The heir apparent also threatened the duke to disown him and strip him and his “commoner wife’ of their royal titles before the birth of their son.

Harry’s paternity rumors debunked

Although some questioned Prince Harry’s paternity, the redhead royal is definitely Prince Charles’ son, so one should take the report with a grain of salt.

First, it was not true that the father and son don’t look the same. In fact, those who saw Prince Charles’ bearded photo changed their minds.

Also, Prince Harry doesn’t only share his father’s look. Many also noticed his uncanny resemblance to his grandfather Prince Philip when the latter was about his age.

Second, Dryer was not the only man rumored to be Prince Harry’s dad. The duke’s paternity rumors have been around for years.

There were claims that he is James Hewitt’s son. The former cavalry officer already denied it, but many still insisted that they are father and son because of their hair color.

Apparently, Prince Harry inherited his ginger red hair from the Spencers. Princess Diana’s brother has the same hair color.


Image used courtesy of Commonwealth Secretariat/Flickr

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