Prince Harry shock: Meghan Markle’s husband urged everyone to ‘support one another’


Prince Harry, recently, shared a video for the postponed Invictus Games. He urged fans and followers to look after those individuals who “have gone quiet.”

Prince Harry would be in the Netherlands today if not for the pandemic crisis. The Invictus Games 2020, which would have run from May 9 to May 16, has postponed its event due to the crisis.

Over the weekend, the Duke of Sussex released a video message through the foundation’s social media accounts. While he addressed the fans and followers regarding the current situation, he also urged everyone to continue supporting one another amid this trying time, according to USA Today.

Prince Harry released a video message

On Sunday, Invictus Games Foundation posted a video featuring Prince Harry. As stated, this is to mark the “what would have been” the day of the Opening Ceremony for this year’s games.

The video mainly centered on its patron’s “best wishes” toward the supporters and competitors of the Invictus Games. He also shared a few details about the plans for the week as the foundation, along with the royal born-Prince, brings The Hague “home” to everyone.

Special care for those who are “in need”

Prince Harry started by acknowledging the 75th anniversary of the VE Day. He then went on to concede the lives of everyone has changed “dramatically” these days.

Despite the huge changes, though, he hopes that everyone is “supporting each other” amid the pandemic crisis. Nevertheless, he asserted that he has “no doubt” that each one is “running around” to give assistance and support. You are the best at this, the royal born-Prince added.

Consequently, he also urged the fans and followers “to look out” for the individuals “who have gone quiet.” The Duke of Sussex even described them as those people who are “no longer visible” on social media platforms.

Invictus Games, Duke of Sussex bring The Hague “home”

Aside from urging people to look after one another, Prince Harry also encouraged them to “take part” in the upcoming activities of the foundation. “A change from the norm,” he added.

As revealed, the foundation has outlined plans for this week. These will mainly include virtual activities that supporters and competitors could utilize amid the pandemic crisis.

The Duke of Sussex then added that the Invictus Games Foundation had prepared a virtual conference, which will feature “international speakers and participants.” He said that through these discussions, the participants would share experiences of “resilience” and the importance of the Invictus spirit. 

Image used courtesy of Bart Lenoir/Shutterstock

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