Prince Harry slammed after claiming ‘things are better’ amid COVID-19 crisis

Prince Harry slammed after claiming 'things are better' amid COVID-19 crisis

Prince Harry has been receiving a lot of criticisms lately after claiming that “things,” especially in the United Kingdom, are “better” than what the public has been “led to believe.”

These statements came after he gave his praises to Captain Tom Moore. It was said that he is a 99-year-old British who raised more than AU$44 million for the NHS.

The Duke of Sussex reportedly said that he is “incredibly proud” what most individuals, like the captain, are doing amid the crisis. He then went on to assert that this just proves how things are way “better” than what certain sections of the media are portraying before the public.

Prince Harry’s take on the COVID-19 crisis in the U.K.

In his most recent interview in the podcast, Declassified, the royal-born Prince shared his statements and thoughts about the current condition of the United Kingdom amid the COVID-19 crisis. He said that “through certain corners of the media,” the public has been led on to believe differently since the outbreak in his home country was not “bad,” as per Metro UK.

Prince Harry also reportedly continued to explain that “it can be very worrying” that the public would only get information from “certain news channel.” He then said, however, that when people are “out and about,” or choose to utilize the “right platforms,” they would “really sense” that the human spirit is “coming to the forefront.”

Prince Harry's take on the COVID-19 crisis in UK

Prince Harry criticized and ‘slammed’ after making his claims

It remains unclear as to what Prince Harry truly meant when he shared his statements. Some reports even went on to speculate about it. Whether it was “a dig in at the media” or a genuine comment on how some platforms lack coverage of individuals who stand up amid the pandemic crisis in the United Kingdom, whatever the case, he ended up with tons of criticisms and objections from experts and royal supporters.

As per The Sun UK, British oncologist, Professor Karol Sikora “slammed” the Duke of Sussex and deemed his comments “outrageous.” She also went on to rhetorically ask about the royal’s qualifications “other than deserting” the United Kingdom.

The expert added that she does not understand what Prince Harry’s “beef” is with the media. She then explained that the media has been reporting “facts” amid the crisis, and has been a “key ally” of healthcare workers.

In the end, though, the Duke of Sussex, as well as his wife, Meghan Markle, has remained silent about the matter. However, they reportedly released a letter a few hours after that they will no longer “cooperate” with some sections of the media, specifically The Sun, the Express, the Daily Mail, and the Mirror, along with all of its online outlet.


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