Prince Harry to make damaging move before US election

Prince Harry

Prince Harry is said to be ready to give up everything to fully enjoy his new life in the US. A royal expert even claimed that the Duke now plans to forgo his loyalty to Queen Elizabeth II.

The US probably made a considerable difference to Prince Harry as he is considering renouncing his loyalty to Queen Elizabeth II.

The process of finding the best fit to become the next US president is already underway. Although Prince Harry resides in the country now, it does not give him a right to cast his vote in the US.

However, a royal expert claimed that he might have already thought about giving up everything just to be able to vote.

What the expert claimed

In an article she wrote for, Victoria Arbiter claimed that Prince Harry wants to be part of the Presidential polls.

“As a newly minted California resident he’s personally invested in the election’s outcome in a way he never will have been before,” Arbiter said. “Despite being a foreign national, his first presidential race since moving to the US may well feel like the most important election of his lifetime.”

Prince Harry participating in politics — specifically in the US — shocked royal fans. The recent speeches he made for the election broke the royal family’s neutrality.

It is worth noting that during their appearance on TIME magazine’s TIME100 special, the Sussexes dropped bombshell statements.

During that time, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle urged the citizens to exercise their rights and vote on Nov. 3. Currently, it is a one-on-one match between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, Arbiter also mentioned that Prince Harry is currently forbidden to vote. However, the royal prince expressed multiple times that he is ready to renounce his allegiance to the Queen.

Arbiter explained Duke’s statements

Since his father, Dickie Arbiter, is Queen Elizabeth II’s former press secretary, Arbiter knows what and how a royal talks.

The royal expert then dissected Prince Harry’s election statement.

In one of the statements he said, the Duke revealed that he cannot vote since he is not yet a citizen. To royal fans’ surprise, he used the term “this election.”

With that said, it is highly likely that things would change during the 2024 elections.

But before he could vote, he would need to cut his ties from Queen Elizabeth II by renouncing his loyalty.

Featured image courtesy of E. J. Hersom, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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