Prince Harry told there’s no way back after Remembrance Sunday snub

Prince Harry told there's no way back after Remembrance Sunday snub

Prince Harry was told that he had no way back after the royals snubbed his Remembrance Sunday request.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down from their royal duties earlier this year. Several outlets reported that the Duke of Sussex made a request on Remembrance Sunday, but the royals denied it. Royal fans have also spoken up, and they believed that there is no way back for Prince Harry after the royal snub.

Prince Harry has no way back, poll suggests

Express launched a poll on Monday from 8:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., asking its readers, “Is there any way back for Prince Harry after Royal snub?”

Almost 7,000 readers responded, and the majority of them, about 91% (6,478), voted that there is no way back for the Duke of Sussex.

Only seven percent (457) believed that there is still hope for Prince Harry. Meanwhile, the remaining 2 percent were undecided.

What did the responders say?

Apparently, many were not happy with Prince Harry’s decision to abandon his royal job. Many of them slammed the duke and said it was over for him.

“It’s over. Done,” one commented on the poll.

“Any ‘snub’ that has been exercised has been by Harry when he chose to leave our country and went on to insult its population with his comments,” another added.

Meanwhile, some also supported the duke because, for them, it was the life he wanted. They were convinced that not returning to the royal fold would be fine because Prince Harry and Markle wanted a quiet life. One even encouraged them to just give up their royal title.

“He wanted a quiet life, away from the media glare. He’s got it,” one said.

“Renounce your royal titles, Harry, and live quietly as Harry Windsor in a suburb of LA,” another royal fan suggested.

Prince Harry and Meghan on Remembrance Sunday

Prince Harry reportedly requested that the palace laid a wreath on behalf of him and his wife, Meghan Markle. However, the palace refused because he is no longer a working royal.

On Remembrance Sunday, photos of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visiting Los Angeles National Cemetery made headlines. Many were happy that the duke still commemorated the event. However, several were also not impressed and even accused the Duke and Duchess of Sussex of taking the event as a photo opportunity.

“Just outrageous – treating Remembrance Sunday like a PR opportunity, & trying to steal headlines from the real royals doing their duty back home,” Piers Morgan wrote on Twitter.


Image used courtesy of The Independent/YouTube Screenshot

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