Prince Harry sparked fury after implying COVID-19 as nature’s ‘punishment’

Prince Harry sparked fury after implying COVID-19 as nature's 'punishment'

WaterBear launched on Tuesday with Prince Harry backing it up.

Prince Harry faces another set of controversy following his latest virtual appearance. In launching WaterBear Network, he sat down for a short discussion with the platform and tackled “conservation.”

Amid the interview, he made remarks and comments about the ongoing pandemic crisis, as well as fatherhood. While the launch seemingly went well, the Daily Express reported that the Duke of Sussex sparked “fury” among netizens due to his “wokeness.”

Netizens slammed Prince Harry for his COVID-19 comments

Prince Harry began by referencing a statement “somebody” told him at the start of the pandemic crisis. He shared that COVID-19’s emergence occurred as if “Mother Nature” has sent everyone back to their rooms for “bad behavior.”

Several netizens immediately slammed the royal-born Prince for his remarks, which appears to have implied that the novel coronavirus is a form of “revenge” and “punishment” for everyone. Apart from criticisms, the Duke of Sussex also received various forms of mockery from Twitter users.

Some individuals deemed him as “woke,” “self-righteous,” and “attention-seeking victim.” Others expressed their anger on the platform, arguing whether the people who died due to the deadly virus “deserved” what he suggested to be a “punishment.”

Although most of the criticisms mainly target him, several others “dragged” Meghan Markle in the debacle. A few critics stated that she “brainwashed” him, adding that he should stop “lecturing” everyone using the Duchess of Sussex’s “woke” perspectives.


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Conservation for the future

Later in the interview, Prince Harry discussed how Archie Harrison’s arrival “encouraged” him to focus on “environmental issues,” like climate change. He said that fatherhood changes everything, according to People.

The Duke of Sussex, then, explained that, when one becomes a father, realizations will come, as well. He added that parents cannot “steal” their children’s future, as this is not the “job.”

He continued and described nature as the “most healing” part of life. Hence, there is a need to “take action” in order to “save” it.

About WaterBear Network

Euronews reported that WaterBear is like Netflix for “environmental documentaries,” as well as short films. The only difference is that the platform features “interactive elements” and is free for everyone to use.

Prince Harry, later on, said that in saving the “natural world,” one must put the “do’s behind the say’s.” He then, asserted that this is what WaterBear does and will do as it will capitalize on a “community of doers.”


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