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Prince Philip begging for Queen Elizabeth’s forgiveness on deathbed: rumor


Prince Philip is begging for his wife Queen Elizabeth II’s forgiveness on his deathbed due to his lies, affairs, and gambling, according to a tabloid.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth Ii have been married for over seven decades already. Last month, reports have it that the Duke of Edinburgh was hospitalized, but he was already released last week. However, one tabloid claimed that he was already on his deathbed and begging for the Queen’s forgiveness.

Prince Philip allegedly begging for forgiveness

Prince Philip is known for his being an alpha male. The 99-year-old royal is a revered WWII veteran and a father of four.

However, he also has his fair share of scandals, including rumors of his alleged affairs. An anonymous source told Star that Prince Philip is bedridden at Windsor Castle and Queen Elizabeth II is by his side. The presence of the monarch allegedly intensified his guilt, and he begged for her forgiveness because he felt that his time is near, and it’s now, or never, the insider added.

The tabloid mentioned Prince Philip’s alleged infidelity on multiple occasions. However, the Queen allegedly kept a stiff upper lip and never questioned him.

One of the women linked to the senior royal is his longtime friend, Penny Romsey. Many allegedly scrutinized their relationship, believing that they were more than friends. Queen Elizabeth also had an inkling that there was more than friendship despite them saying they were just good pals. The reports that the Queen and her husband have been living separate lives only intensified the reports that something was off in their relationship.

Rumor debunked

However, one should take the report with a grain of salt. Gossip Cop examined the report and found a number of questionable claims on it.

First, Star published the report a month before Prince Philip was hospitalized. It insinuates that Prince Philip is dying, but clearly, he is not.

In February, Prince Philip was hospitalized, but it was not an emergency or related to COVID-19. The Duke of Edinburgh also did not die in January, as the story implied. The “deathbed confession” unlikely happened.

Second, the rumor-debunking site also noticed that several tabloids are exploiting royal ages. For instance, another tabloid claimed that Queen Elizabeth II only had months to live. The claim was also not true.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are likely to suffer medical complications due to their age. However, neither of them is spilling secrets on their deathbed, as the tabloids claim.

Image used courtesy of The Royal Family Channel/YouTube Screenshot

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