Prince Philip ‘blunt’ remark about Prince Charles revealed

Prince Philip 'blunt' remark about Prince Charles revealed

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip welcomed their first-born son in 1948.

Prince Charles’ relationship to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip have always remained the talk of the town. Several speculations have continued to develop whether he truly shares unpleasant ties with his parents.

The Queen and her Consort welcomed the Heir Apparent on November 14, 1948. As the world rejoiced on the arrival of the future King of the United Kingdom, the Duke of Edinburgh reportedly had a “different” and “blunt” response about it, according to The News.

What Prince Philip thought of Prince Charles

Journalist Steve Bird previously explained Prince Philip’s thoughts about his newborn son. He said that the Duke was “characteristically blunt” in his responses about his son’s appearance.

The royal-born Greek Prince reportedly told journalists at that time that the Prince of Wales looked like a “plum pudding.” Bird stated that the Duke seemingly compared his son to one than a human.

In a Netflix documentary, The Royals, royal expert Philip Dampier recalled the same scenario. The Prince Consort’s “reception was rather less jubilant,” the narrator stated.

A “hard-hearted” father

Dampier claimed in the same material that Prince Philip was “hard-hearted” to his son. He continued that the royal was “busy” playing squash when Queen Elizabeth gave birth to their first-born son.

Following the game, he went for a quick swim and rushed upstairs to see the newborn Prince of Wales. Upon seeing his son, he reportedly said to his wife that the baby looks like a plum pudding.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth had a different thought in mind. Reports said that she told publications about how she could not believe having her own baby. The now-reigning British Monarch then described that her son’s hands were “rather large,” noting, however, that they were “fine with long fingers.”

A distant relationship between Prince Charles and his parents

The Daily Express previously reported that Prince Charles has always had a “distant relationship” with the Queen and the Prince Consort. Some sources also shared that the royal couple even “blamed” their son for the failed marriage he had with the late Princess Diana.

These days, though, it remains unclear whether the future King still has the same alleged kind of relationship with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. But, it appears that things are going well with the British Royals, excluding all the controversies that have continued to plague them for months now.

Featured image courtesy of Daily News/YouTube

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