Prince Philip doubted marrying Queen Elizabeth II

Prince Philip

Prince Philip dedicates his whole life to support Queen Elizabeth II as the reigning monarch. But before they began their story, the duke reportedly had cold feet.

Amid all the separations and divorces in the royal family, Prince Philip remains loyal to Queen Elizabeth II.

But in a new book by Ingrid Seward, it revealed that the Duke of Edinburgh was full of doubts before the royal wedding.

What the book claims

Seward stated in her book Prince Philip Revealed that before the royal wedding, Prince Philip stayed with Daphne du Maurier in Cornwall.

The U.K.’s DailyMail also revealed that the duke was in an emotionally intimate relationship with Daphne, but not sexual.

Philip, allegedly, told Daphne that he did not want to go back to the Palace during that stay. Instead, he wanted to stay with him.

“Your country needs you,” the woman replied.

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The royal wedding then happened in 1947 when the Queen was 21, and Prince Philip was 26.

For her part, Queen Elizabeth II told her nanny that she felt the prince was the one even before the proposal.

The two somehow enjoyed happy beginnings. But everything, reportedly, changed when King George VI died in 1952.

Since Queen Elizabeth II needed to take over the throne, the Duke of Edinburgh gave up his naval career. He then began serving his life as Her Majesty’s consort.

“Philip was constantly being squashed, snubbed, ticked off,” Mike Parker, Prince Philip’s friend, told Seward.

Queen Elizabeth II and Philip share four children: Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward.

Did the Prince ever cheat on the Queen?

Meanwhile, in 2019, Seward released another book titled My Husband and I which revealed more stories about the royal couple’s marriage.

In the book, the royal author explores the infidelity allegations the duke has been facing for decades.

Initially, Town & Country Magazine disclosed that he had been linked to several women, including Pat Kirkwood.

Prince Philip and Kirkwood, allegedly, met on seven different occasions before and after the royal wedding.

At first, the duke, allegedly, went inside her dressing room before her performance in London in 1948. This then led the two to go on a dinner and dance until dawn.

During that time, Queen Elizabeth II was already eight months pregnant with Prince Charles.

But amid those stories, the Queen and Prince Philip continuously spend their time as husband and wife.

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