Prince Philip loves this ‘smelly’ food despite Queen Elizabeth’s distaste

Prince Philip loves this 'smelly' food despite Queen Elizabeth's distaste

Prince Philip wedded Queen Elizabeth II in 1947.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II have a long history before they tied the knot. Royal historians said that they first met as kids, and remained as “pen pals” before officially “dating” each other.

When the Duke of Edinburgh asked the then-Princess’s hand in marriage, her father requested them to wait until she turned 21. The following year, they officially tied the knot and became the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh.

Celebrating 73 years of marriage

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are Britain’s longest married royal couple in history. They will celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary later this year, in November.

It remains unknown how the couple will mark their special day. But, reports have speculated that they will be together on that day in one of their royal residences. Besides, they are currently self-isolating together in Balmoral Castle due to the pandemic crisis.

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Today, The Duke of Edinburgh has been succeeded as Colonel-in-Chief of @rifles_regiment by The Duchess of Cornwall, in a ceremony which took place at both Windsor Castle and Highgrove House. . The Duke has been Colonel-in-Chief of successive Regiments that have made up The Rifles since 1953, and today, they are the largest infantry Regiment in the British Army. . The Duke of Edinburgh’s arrival was marked by four Buglers, who are members of The Rifles’ military band. . The Duke was thanked for his 67 years of service and support to the Regiment, before the Buglers sounded the ‘No More Parades’ call, marking HRH’s final ceremony as The Rifles’ Colonel-in-Chief. . At Highgrove House, The Duchess of Cornwall was greeted by a Bugle call, and was welcomed by the Regiment’s Colonel Commandant as The Rifles’ new Colonel-in-Chief. . The Duchess has close links with the Regiment, and has served as Royal Colonel of its fourth Battalion since 2007.

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Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II have different personalities

The royal couple has different characters and personalities, according to Cheat Sheet. Despite both being born into a royal family, they grew up having a different environment from each other.

Over the years, royal sources and insiders asserted that Queen Elizabeth II has fixated herself on maintaining royal rules and “traditions.” On the other hand, Prince Philip has more inclination to “modernization.” He, reportedly, loves to see things change.

But, aside from their perspectives and characters, they, also, have different tastes when it comes to their food choices. The same publication revealed that there is one “smelly” ingredient that the Duke of Edinburgh loves, yet the Queen “detests.”

He loves his garlic

Prince Philip is a huge fan of garlic. Former royal aides, reportedly, shared that they always put extra garlic on the Duke’s plate because he loves them so much.

However, Queen Elizabeth II does not like them. Sources said that she avoids them, as much as possible. So, when the aides are their meals, they always, reportedly, separate the ones with garlic from the British Monarch’s plate.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, also, seemingly confirmed this information in one of her previous interviews, according to Us Weekly. She noted that “garlic is banned” at royal events. It is a “no-no,” the Duchess added.

Despite not liking garlic the way Prince Philip wants it, Queen Elizabeth II, reportedly, has a different “food addiction.” Sources said that she is a “chocoholic” because of her love for chocolates.

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