Prince Philip ‘unfaithful’: Did the duke ever cheat on Queen Elizabeth II?

Prince Philip

Prince Philip dedicated his life to support his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, as the Queen of the UK. Royal fans became curious whether, through those years, he ever fell in love with other women or not.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are about to celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary next month.

In November 1947, Prince Philip and Her Majesty tied knots in front of millions of royal watchers. During that time, the Queen was only 21, and Prince Philip was 26.

Although the Duke of Edinburgh still supports her until now, many royal watchers called her unfaithful. But they named him that way because of a different thing.

How Prince Philip became unfaithful

Royal historian Dr. Kate Williams sat down for an interview with Express UK and revealed that people doubted the Duke.

Per Williams, neither royal courtiers nor staff liked him for the Queen in the beginning. She added that the Duke’s ill-tempered attitude was the one to be blamed.

“The courtiers, the household, the Royal Family, even Government, there was a feeling that he just wasn’t the right character for the job,” she said. “It was said he was ill-tempered, that he was rough and he was not inclined to be faithful.”

People also, reportedly, did not believe that he could stand by Queen’s side to support her.

As for the reason why the staff members thought that way, the historian suggested the possible reason.

According to Williams, Prince Philip is renowned for his independent personality. Thus, people misunderstood his actions for the Queen.

“Really, I think a lot of the criticism of Philip was because the knew the couldn’t tell him what to do,” she continued. “That he was such an independent man.”

But did the Prince ever cheat on the Queen?

While the staff saw him unfaithful, royal expert Ingrid Seward seemingly outed the Duke’s infidelity.

In her 2019 book, My Husband and I, she detailed the couple’s marriage life stories.

Again, she opened up that the Duke suffered from cheating allegations for years.

Even the Town & Country Magazine wrote how he had been linked to multiple women, Pat Kirkwood.

Per the magazine’s report, the royal prince and Kirkwood saw each other seven times even after the royal wedding.

When they met again in London in 1948, Queen Elizabeth II was already eight months pregnant with Prince Charles.

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