Prince William and Kate experienced a ‘heartbreaking split’ before valuing their relationship

Prince William and  Duchess Kate had once questioned their relationship after a heartbreaking split.

The Royal couple, Prince William and Duchess Kate have always been seen as having a strong relationship. Despite the fallen marriage of  Prince William’s parents, Prince Charles and  Diana, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have worked out their differences.

Prince William and Kate had recently celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary on April 29. The celebration focused on the good things about the couple’s marriage life. However, royal expert, Angela Mollard revealed that the couple was not as strong as they are now, referring to the breakup.

Prince William and Kate have also undergone a devastating breakup which made them questioned their relationship. Royal expert, Angela Mollard explained that  William and Kate’s breakup had given the royal couple time and space.  It also was an opportunity to think about the direction of their relationship.

What was the reason for the breakup

Before the couple said their wedding vows, Prince William and Kate had also dealt with relationship problems. After meeting at their university, the Duke and Duchess had suffered a long-distance relationship.  It appeared that it is at this time that Prince William and Kate were just adjusting to their relationship setup. 

The reason for the split came up when Prince William refused to spend New Year’s Eve with the Duchess’s family. Mollard conveyed that the couple took the time of their split to question if the relationship is what they really want. It appears that the breakup was the needed space to learn valuable lessons on their relationship. 

Prince William did not hurry to marry Kate

The relationship between William and Kate had so many ups and downs. As written by the royal author, Katie Nicholl, in her book, The Making of a Royal Romance, William did not want to marry at a young age but vowed to do it at age 28 or 30. 

Moreover, William was also convinced that his younger brother, Prince Harry would marry ahead of him. Nicholl expressed that Kate did not show any hurt or disapproval on Prince William’s decision to marry at a later age.

Prince William and Kate have come out stronger

In spite of the problems, Prince William and Kate have come out stronger. Mollard asserted that the Duke and Duchess are more solid in their relationship now than before. The royal couple is now busy running the royal duties of the palace, especially during this crisis.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have reached out to the frontliners and affected individuals through launching the mental health campaign.   The campaign will encourage people to stay healthy during the pandemic. 

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