Prince William called Harry ‘big fat hair ginger’ in leaked message

Prince William called Prince Harry 'big fat hair ginger' in leaked message

Prince Harry and Prince William shared a close relationship growing up.

Prince William and Prince Harry had a tight relationship as brothers. While things have seemingly changed in recent years, many royal fans and experts still hope for things to get better between them.

Over the years, the public witnessed how the royal siblings grew much closer to each other. Although this was already visible, the dynamic became even much more apparent when a private message between the two went public. As it happened, hackers leaked a voicemail the Duke of Cambridge left for his brother back in the early 2000s.

Cheat Sheet recently recalled some of the uncovered messages. In one of which, the future King of the United Kingdom called his brother a “hairy ginger.”

Prince William pretended to be Prince Harry’s girlfriend

The publication said that the leaked voicemail hears Prince William, putting on a high-pitched voice. Apparently, he pretended to be his brother’s then-girlfriend, Chelsy Davy.

He began his message with “It’s Chelsy here.” The royal consequently said that he misses the Duke of Sussex “so much,” adding that he is the “best-looking ginger” in his girlfriend’s eyes.

The eldest Wales Prince, later on, countered that although his brother is “quite ugly for a ginger,” he hopes that he is “having a lovely time.” He ended the message by calling the Duke of Sussex a “big hairy fat ginger,” and stated that they would speak later.


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Messages for Kate Middleton

The same publication also recalled some of the messages Prince William and Kate Middleton shared privately. Unfortunately, some of their phone conversations went public as it all “fell into the wrong hands.”

In one of the messages, the Duke of Cambridge was telling his then-girlfriend about his “busy day.” He shared what he had experienced that day around the woods of Aldershot.

Apart from the message, a phone call between the pair went public, as well. In it, the Wales Prince was checking in on the now-Duchess of Cambridge at 5:30 in the morning.

He also called his future Queen Consort “babykins” in the middle of the call. However, the young Kate Middleton seemingly missed the call that day as she was likely still asleep.

Tension between the Wales Princes

No one could confirm how the royal siblings have been doing these days. For several months, several speculations and allegations circulated, claiming that there is an apparent tension between the two royals.

Royal commentators Emily Andrews and Afua Adom discussed the matter once again, according to the Daily Express. They believe that a “petty jealousy” sparked the rift. Nevertheless, some royal experts asserted that things are seemingly getting better between Prince William and Prince Harry.

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